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Gaming NewsOct 5, 2017 at 3:14a PSTby luckie

No more Horizon Zero Dawn expansions in store, but a Complete Edition has been announced

Horizon Zero Dawn is going to receive a Complete Edition, coming to PlayStation 4 on December 5. It is going to include the original game and The Frozen Wilds DLC as well as all digital deluxe content.

Horizon Zero Dawn fans are surely looking forward to playing The Frozen Wilds DLC on November 7, 2017. This is the first large expansion for this successful sandbox action game and apparently also the last. Sony has announced that it intends to release Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition a month after that – on December 5 (it will be priced at $49.99). It will contain the original game plus all additional content, including The Frozen Wilds. It is unlikely that the publisher is planning to move another add-on within that timeframe, so it looks like The Frozen Wilds is the only story-driven expansion the developer has in store for the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition cover art.
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition cover art.

What’s up next for Guerilla Games? Considering the fact that Horizon Zero Dawn has been so successful – the game sold 2.6 million copies in just two weeks after its release, which is an excellent result, especially for a new IP – it would only be natural for the studio to make a sequel. On the other hand, there has been rumors about a possible comeback of the Killzone series. Although the main storyline was concluded in Killzone: Shadow Fall, Guerilla Games boss Hermen Hulst clearly indicated some time ago that more Killzone games are very possible.