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Gaming NewsJul 24, 2018 at 5:09a PSTby Maiman

Fallout 76 BETA launches in October

Fallout 76 beta launch has been officially set to October, Bethesda confirmed. But while the early version of the game is heading to all platforms, some will test it out sooner than others.

“Sometimes it doesn’t just work.” - 2018-07-24
“Sometimes it doesn’t just work.”

Hardly any Bethesda game made fans scratch their heads as vigorously as Fallout 76. But while the aura of uncertainty keeps on surrounding the RPG-turned-Online-Survival, it should completely fade away sometime in October. That’s when the official beta (or rather – B.E.T.A., as in: Break it Early Test Application) is scheduled to launch. But some will play it sooner than others.

The signup process is simple – you just pre-order the game. There’s no other way. You can do it through Bethesda’s official website, or any other vendor. After you place your order you’ll be given a beta code and, in October, granted access to the early version of the game. For more details head to the official FAQ.

Sometimes you need the right tools to make things work. - 2018-07-24
Sometimes you need the right tools to make things work.

When exactly are you going to play? Well, it depends on the platform you’re using. Xbox One players are getting their hands on Fallout 76 beta earlier than PC and PlayStation 4 players. How much earlier? No one knows for sure, but since the actual release date of the game is November 14, a two-week window is expected at worst.

Last thing – the game is still not available on Steam. And nobody knows if it’s going to make it to Valve’s platform. Presumably: yes (and it probably isn’t there yet because of the refund policy), but until then you’ll have to get along with the Bethesda launcher. Frankly, it’s a small price to pay for getting the answer to the question, “Is it Fallout anymore?”

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