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Gaming NewsAug 8, 2018 at 4:02a PSTby Maiman

Rainbow Six Siege map Hereford is getting a remake to get rid of imbalance

Hereford is being remade from the ground up, Ubisoft announced. In their quest of balance, Rainbow Six: Siege developers are even making the map go back in time.

What Hereford is right now… - 2018-08-08
What Hereford is right now…

Rainbow Six: Siege’s Hereford map was always far from balanced. In February 2018 Alexandre Remy, Brand Director of the game, said that the team “knew how unbalanced it was by simply looking at the data.” He then promised that because of this, the map was to be “reinvented as a Competitive map,” perhaps “set in a different time.”

Now his promises are becoming reality. An image posted by Ubisoft on Facebook shows the emblem of the map with the words "Hereford Royal Air Force" written over it:

“One familiar place. Two new faces.” - 2018-08-08
“One familiar place. Two new faces.”

What about “setting the map in a different time?” Well, until the turn of the millennium Hereford was a base of the RAF, the British Air Force. Only later was it converted into a SAS base, present in the game right now. The Facebook picture suggests, then, that there is a “time travel action” going on – and that once the rework is in place, we’ll find ourselves in the good ol’ RAF days.


…and what it is to become. - 2018-08-08
…and what it is to become.

There’s something new coming

What Ubisoft does with Hereford is rather radical. While another unbalanced map, Clubhouse, received a small touchup that fixed all the issues, “Hereford Redesigned” appears to be a completely new map. Moreover, Ubisoft is already prepping to bring it on. Rainbow Six: Siege Season 3 will introduce US and British operators said to be part of the Scotland Yard and the Delta Force. A new welding torch designed to fix reinforced walls has also been announced. After that, Season 4 should bring “New Hereford” around – along with even more operators.

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