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Gaming NewsAug 23, 2018 at 7:59p PSTby Maiman

You can now finish Cyberpunk 2077. New artwork is here

Cyberpunk 2077 is now playable from start to finish. To celebrate, CD Projekt RED dropped some... new artwork. And as for the gameplay footage – you know how things work...

Well this is awkward. - 2018-09-12
Well this is awkward.

Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED’s next big RPG, is now playable from start to finish, developer said. Considering that the game is still in pre-alpha, this sure sounds promising. Perhaps CD Projekt RED will celebrate with a little sneak-peek of the gameplay footage that reportedly stunned videogame journalists first at E3, and then gamescom. None of the gamers, however, got the chance to get stupefied yet, as each of these previews were held behind closed doors. Developers promise that they will show us something “when they feel ready.”

This sure feels lively. - 2018-09-12
This sure feels lively.

Obviously, being able to complete the game’s storyline doesn’t mean the game itself is completed and ready to drop. Far from it. There are still lots of bugs that need to be fixed, playtesting to be done, and probably even more ideas to be introduced. All of this is, of course, pure speculation, as CD Projekt RED has not revealed what the team is focusing on right now. One thing to be sure of – the game will release before the year 2077.

Oh, and there’s some awesome new artwork action going on, in case you didn’t notice. Here’s the remaining part:

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