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Gaming NewsJan 27, 2019 at 5:38a PSTby Serek

Resident Evil 2 remake played by more than 1.5 million gamers

The website that gathers player stats from Resident Evil games. According to the data, Resident Evil 2 has already been played by 1.5 million gamers.

That’s how the the fans (on the right) reacted to the release of RE2. - 2019-01-27
That’s how the the fans (on the right) reacted to the release of RE2.

Two days ago, the remake of the survival horror horror Resident Evil 2 from Capcom was released. The game was very well received by the reviewers and found many buyers. This is indicated by the data published by, which deals with recording player statistics. According to the information published on the website, the title has been launched by over one and a half million users. Players from around the world spent over 800 years in the game in total (at the time of writing this news), and the numbers is still growing.

The website follows the actions of players in the smallest details. Therefore, we can find out even that the users have already travelled over 25 million kilometers in the game world. In fact, it would allow you to reach the moon in less than 1 day. It turns out that the players are even better at killing virtual opponents (which shouldn't surprise anyone). Currently, the counter indicates 70 million killed enemies.

The statis also show that the players are more likely to choose Leon as their first character. The male hero was chosen by almost 80% of players during play style, just visit this page.

Leon is more popular than Claire.
Leon is more popular than Claire.

If you hesitate whether to buy the refreshed version of Resident Evil 2, you can still test the game in a 30-minute demo. The enormous plus of the title is the captivating plot as well as new controls and camera, which modernized the gameplay. The game was released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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