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Gaming NewsFeb 1, 2019 at 9:08a PSTby aadamus

Battlerite Royale Will Launch as Free-To-Play

The release date of Battlerite Royale has just been announced. The game will leave early access on February 19, simultaneously switching to free-to-play.

Battlerite Royale will become free-to-play from February 19. - 2019-02-01
Battlerite Royale will become free-to-play from February 19.

Battlerite Royale, which has been in early access since September last year, will finally have its official release. The game’s Twitter account informed that the final version of the title will launch on February 19 this year. As of that day, the production will also switch to free-to-play model. According to Peter Ilves, the director of Battlerite Royale, the decision regarding the release date is dictated by requests from the community.

It is worth recalling that Battlerite Royale is a spin-off to Battlerite – a unique combination of a MOBA game and the battle royale formula. The maximum number of players has been increased in comparison to the previous game. The game takes place in a free-for-all mode on a constantly shrinking map. The last surviving player on the map wins. What brings the production closer to a MOBA is, among other things, the bird's eye view. However, this experiment was met with lukewarm reception and rather average scores. From more than 2.5 thousand reviews of Battlerite Royale, the game received 65% positive scores. A disappointing result when compared to Battlerite, which gathered 84% positive opinions.

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