Gaming NewsOct 28, 2015 at 2:29a PSTby luckie

No Man's Sky no sooner than in June 2016, watch a new trailer

We still have to wait a while for No Manís Sky, as the game will be released in June 2016. This massive sci-fi online sandbox will launch simultaneously on PC and PlayStation 4.

No Manís Sky is slated for release in June 2016, Sony announced during their media briefing at Paris Games Week. Actually, they mentioned only the PlayStation 4 version, but as it was officially confirmed at this yearís E3, the upcoming title from Hello Games will launch simultaneously on PC and PS4. A new trailer from this sci-fi space sandbox action game was presented at the show Ė you can watch it below:

No Man's Sky is an online multiplayer game with focus on space battles and exploration of procedurally generated worlds. Together players will discover new planets, often thriving with wild life, putting new places on the common map of galaxy. What really is impressive about the game, is the sheer size of its universe Ė the developers talk about over 18 quintillion planets (thatís 18 with 18 zeroes!), which would take 5 billion years to explore on your own. We hope that the long wait until the next summer will be worth the while.