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Gaming NewsDec 1, 2015 at 4:06a PSTby luckie

Darkest Dungeon got a big update featuring a new hero, monsters, items, and tweaks

Darkest Dungeon received a major update that added a new playable character, monsters, items and more. This dark fantasy RPG is going to launch on January 19, 2016.

As promised, the developers of Darkest Dungeon released a new major update for their dark fantasy RPG. The patch, nicknamed Inhuman Bondage, introduces a new playable hero, the Abomination. Interestingly, the character was designed by one of the Kickstarter backers, who paid $5,000 for an exclusive Lord tier. The Abomination is said to be a twisted, brooding man, expelled from his community. What is unique about him, is the fact that he can switch to a beast form, which may be stronger and all, but puts his own companions under stress (religious heroes refuse to venture with him).

The Abomination hero strikes fear in the hearts of both enemies and allies. - 2015-12-01
The Abomination hero strikes fear in the hearts of both enemies and allies.

There are also two new player-designed monsters (a mini-boss called the Collector and the Madman), as well as a bunch of usable items. Apart from this new content, the update includes AI improvements and tweaks to gameplay mechanics, such as stress system, provision limits, heart attack, and more. You can find a full changelog on the game’s official website.

Darkest Dungeon is going to be fully released on 19 January 2016. Until then the game is available as an Early Access title on Steam – by the way, it is still on sale for a few more hours.