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Gaming NewsMay 12, 2016 at 2:55a PSTby luckie

New details on Pyre – storytelling, decision-making, and soundtrack discussed

They gave us Bastion and Transistor, now they're doing Pyre. Supergiant decided to tell us something about their next game's storytelling, decision making, soundtrack, and more (via Gamers Sphere).

Some new details on Pyre came from Supergiant Games via Gamers Sphere. When it comes to storytelling, the next title from Bastion and Transistor creators will rely less on voiceover and more on written text. Interestingly though, reading will not be something trivial, as your character will be one of the few able to read, making it a rare and valuable gift. The developers are doing their best to make their main story arc engaging for players and if anyone is eager to know more about the lore and its characters, there will be plenty of optional interactions. Due to its open-world structure, Pyre is going to offer more freedom in decision-making – it’s not only about dramatic moral choices, but rather about where you chose to go next, how to spend your time, and what specializations to learn.

Another thing Supergiant’s previous titles were praised for is the soundtrack. You will be happy to know that the duet of Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett will be back for Pyre’s musical score, a taste of which you can find below:

Although Pyre is primarily focused on single-player experience, the developers acknowledge the game’s multiplayer co-op potential. Supergiant aren’t saying they are developing one, but there is a possibility, especially since one of the team’s engineers previously worked on multiplayer for Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2.

Pyre is scheduled for release on PC in 2017.

The engagements in Pyre will be based on diverse characters. - 2016-05-13
The engagements in Pyre will be based on diverse characters.