Gaming NewsMay 30, 2016 at 3:30a PSTby luckie

We’ve seen Get Even – the game is alive and kicking

Get Even, an FPS thriller with super-realistic graphics from Polish team The Farm 51, is still in works. However, the game's release date is a mystery – there is no telling whether it will be out this year.

We haven’t heard about Get Even for some time now, and some may have wondered if the game is still in developement. Our team has visited Gliwice, Poland, where The Farm 51 is based, and had a close encounter with the ambitious thriller shooter. Although we cannot share any details about the demo we saw, we can assure you that the game is alive and kicking.

The most impressive thing about Get Even are the graphics. Created by means of 3D scanning, the game’s visuals look absolutely stunning – the lighting and the level of details are top-notch. At the same time, it takes less funds and effort to make it this way than with the use of traditional methods.

Get Even looks amazing, but this is not the only good thing about the game. - 2016-05-31
Get Even looks amazing, but this is not the only good thing about the game.

Get Even will apparently offer the player much freedom when it comes to playstyle. The demo we saw presented one way to overcome an in-game obstacle and the consequences it brought, but there are more ways to solve it, developers assured us.

The bad news is that The Farm 51 are not sure if Get Even will be out in 2016, as promised almost a year ago. The game will be published by Bandai Namco for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Apart from Get Even, the Polish studio (which previously gave us Painkiller Hell & Damnation and Deadfall Adventures) is currently working on two other projects: online f2p shooter World War 3 and a virtual reality tour Chernobyl VR Project.