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The most anticipated games of 2017 – Gamepressure picks

2017 – here we go! In our recent articles we’ve shared with you some thoughts on the releases and disasters of 2016, and now the time has come to leave the past behind and look into the (hopefully) bright future. The upcoming twelve months are shaping up to be quite interesting. We’ve got some highly anticipated RPGs vying for our attention as well as remakes of classics awaited by the fans, some sequels, and – of course – a couple of fresh, original productions. Without further ado, check out the top picks of our editorial team that are going to invade our computers and consoles in 2017.




We're in space, CUPtain! – the new Prey may be one of the most intriguing FPSs in recent years

Ok, first things first: the new Prey from Arkane Studios is nothing like the certain legendary 2011 E3 trailer. But you already knew that. What you didn’t know is that, as a shining example of “different doesn’t mean worse”, it seems to be more than able to hold its ground as a video game. With the materials provided at this year’s gamescom, we learned who our enemy is, what they can do, and why you should never ever trust a trashcan, or anything inanimate for that matter. At least I know I never will, unless I become one.