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Darkest Dungeon – A Roguelike Hard as Hell

After a couple of hours with Early Access version of Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios, I had an impression of dealing with a title strongly reminiscent of so-called bookgames, in which you had to delve into catacombs, defeat monsters lurking there, and collect precious loot. A dark journey into depths of dungeons inhabited by unspeakable evil. Put complex mechanics of a card came and atmosphere of a Lovecraftian horror on top of that and you’ll get the picture. Simply put, we are about to get a new dungeon crawler, which, under a cover of an old school ramble, will try to sell us content interesting to a modern gamer mainly.




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25 games of 2015 that you should be waiting for (but you don't)

Undoubtedly, 2015 will be full of AAA titles – sequels to known series, new franchises marketed by big companies, and titles from beloved developers. Right next to the blockbusters, smaller titles, equally noteworthy, struggle for gamers’ attention. We’ve compiled a list of 25 titles, that can’t afford multi-million marketing campaigns and front pages of video game magazines, but should nevertheless grace our gaming systems and computers. Most of them certainly can’t be missed.