XCOM 2 Editorials

XCOM 2 hands-on – the next encounter with aliens introduces many innovations

XCOM: Enemy Unknown hit all the right notes, appealing to the feeling of nostalgia as well as offering a variety of new solutions within a proven formula. Enemy Within, an expansion set released shortly thereafter, confirmed that Firaxis Games was in great shape. It also proved that in the times of dynamic, non-stop action there is still room for demanding, well laid-out gameplay. XCOM 2, announced a few months ago, is looking to continue this tradition.




PC at E3 2015: Top 10 PC-Exclusive Games Coming (Relatively) Soon

Although E3 has always focused primarily on the promotion of consoles and games designed for this platform specifically, this year the presence of PC was exceptionally strong as well. Devices from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo prevail in the global interactive entertainment market, but in some countries it's still the PC that rocks the gamers’ world.