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Call of Duty: WWII Editorials

Games that have us worried – will they meet the expectations?

Hype. Video game marketing is all about hype these days. If you ask a game developer, any game developer, they’ll tell you that their game is the big thing nobody knew they needed. Where did all those flops come from then? Well, adults tend to lie sometimes (or misidentify their target group while conducting a strategic forecast). That’s why some distance and cold analysis is and will always be needed. We’ve assembled a list of upcoming titles that are very promising, including reputable franchises and several ambitious projects, to take a closer look at the things that may go wrong with them.




The most anticipated games of the second half of 2017

Dog days of summer are here, and the slow news is flooding the channels. Except for ours. We’ve got some hot news for you today, promising a busy second half of the year – our editors have selected the most anticipated games that are to be released before the year is done. We’ve got RPG, FPS, MMO, TCG, including several sequels, prequels, spin-offs and turn-ons on our list of the most anticipated games of the second half of 2017. Read on to learn the titles we have great hopes for this year.