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Opinions 22 September 2020, 18:35

author: Matt Buckley

Itís hard to describe myself here without being too obvious. I am a writer, which is clear because you (hopefully just read my article) and a video game enthusiast (which is also obvious if you (hopefully) read my article).

10 Zelda Breath of the Wild Features We'd Love to See Return in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Breath of the Wild has a plethora of amazing features, from paragliding to shield surfing. With Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on the horizon, here is a list of features we hope it holds onto.

Weapon Slots

The excellent variety of Breath of the Wild owes a lot to the ability to pick up almost anything from a broom to a skeleton arm and use it as a weapon. Iíll admit, it makes sense that the broom and skeleton arm might not make it into Age of Calamity as weapons, but what I do hope for is that each character has some decent variety in terms of the available weapons.

Each hero from the world of Breath of the Wild has their signature weapon. Link of course has his Master Sword, Mipha has her Lightscale Trident, Urbosa has her Scimitar of the Seven, Revali has his Great Eagle Bow, and Daruk has his Cobble Crusher.†

My hope for Age of Calamity is that Link will be able to pull out a bow and arrow, or a spear, rather than just the classic sword and shield. I think it would also be awesome to be able to knock weapons out of an enemyís hands and then pick them up to use them against their owners. This just feels like a very important aspect to Breath of the Wildís combat that I hope isnít lost in Age of Calamity.

Shield Surfing

Perhaps my favorite mode of transportation from Breath of the Wild, though admittedly not the most practical, is shield surfing. It breaks shields, itís dangerous, and itís difficult to control Ė but it is also incredibly fun.

I still remember when I discovered that I could shoot arrows while shield surfing, which of course led to about an hour of surfing down a hill towards unaware bokoblins, using up all my arrows, and breaking all my shields. Worth it.

Itís probably a lot to ask from Age of Calamity devs to add this to the game. Itís such an unnecessary addition to Breath of the Wild, but thatís what made it so charming. If Age of Calamity will let me surf a shield into battle, Iíll be incredibly happy.

10 Best Legend of Zelda Games - Rescuing the Princess Never Gets Boring!
10 Best Legend of Zelda Games - Rescuing the Princess Never Gets Boring!

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