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Movies & Series 20 April 2020, 15:33

author: Michael Grygorcewicz

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Absurdities of Epidemics in Movies

Epidemics are currently one of the hottest subjects in media. Many movies were made about such occurrences, few of them were good, and almost none were realistic.

Hold my needle

I'm stll not convinced I'd like him to be my doctor... - Absurdities of Pandemics in Movies - dokument - 2020-04-20
I'm stll not convinced I'd like him to be my doctor...

House, Season 2, Episode 18.

What the show's about: a doctor as brilliant as he is antisocial, who, together with his small team of tallented aides, diagnoses unusual diseases, saving lives and not even taking names.

Is it worth the watch? Provided the protagonist isn't too inspirational. He got away with being an asshole because he was a genius. If you don't have that excuse, you remain just an asshole.

If, in addition to watching the clip below, you will also have a look at the comments section, you will see that quite a few people have noticed the first major omission of this episode of House – doctors are treating a patient suspected of the plague without gloves!

Holding a syringe, House casually takes the cap off with his teeth, and passes it to his colleague. Hello? Is anyone there? Needles, scissors, scalpels, and even glass items (that can shatter) are extra dangerous, as they can penetrate skin, giving microbes direct access to our precious insides.

Speaking of glass, let's remember that super dangerous viruses aren't carried around in glass vials that could break easily, as more durable materials are readily available. So if anyone dreams of rehearsing in the real world the scene from Resident Evil the movie, where a vial with a virus that turns people into zombies shatters on the floor – I heat to break it to you. Instead of glass breaking in slow-mo, the best the reality can offer is spilling it, and even that's a stretch. Apocalypse is rarely spectacular...

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