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Game preview 10 September 2020, 21:45

author: Mike Manka

Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.

Hands-on Preview of Immortals Fenyx Rising, or Assassins' Creed Meets Zelda

A year ago at the E3, Ubisoft presented Gods & Monsters. After more than a year of silence, the game comes back as Immortals Fenyx Rising, going through slight changes along the way, an definitely having an identity crisis.

Slated for release: December 2020.

Fenyx: Breath of the Wild

If we can manage to shrug off the fact that certain solutions are derivative, Ubisoft's new adventure game works quite well in gameplay. Exploration is enjoyable, although flying required a bit of getting-used-to. Our actions use up the heroine's stamina belt whether for climbing, double jumping, or flying.

The puzzles are varied, or at least it seemed so during the two-hour gameplay. During the play, I had a good occasion to rack my brains, trying to access the hidden treasures. The puzzles test our perception, accuracy or basic understanding of gravity (which to this day many people don't understand, judging by the levels with the pendulums in Fall Guys, right?). Immortals sometimes requires us to use skills that allow interacting with objects that sometimes need to be flipped, moved or set on fire with an arrow. The person who led the presentation also mentioned the need to find notes scattered throughout the area, which will then allow us to unlock more treasures in the region. Sounds interesting, but I didn't have time to properly check it out.

Challenges or trials in different corners of the world will be a real test of our dexterity and precision. I had a chance to fly, which required navigating through thermal columns; jump on poles protruding from water as fast as I could to make it in time to the end, or clear a course of red "corruption," and then exhibit some precision in directing an arrow through a few hoops. Those who enjoy this kind of entertainment should be really pleased, as long as each region provides new challenges.

Attack, defend, use skills

So, what's up with combat? Well, this pretty much is a slightly tweaked combat system we've known from the latest Assassins' Creeds. Movement is smooth and satisfying, the punches land as they ought to, and only the opponents seem bigger sponges than in Odyssey. It also seems we're able to run into more types of enemies at any given occasion, which renders the combat a total ballet. The game will obviously emphasize divine powers of the protagonist more than any Assassins' Creed, and they will often be the only way out of trouble. My build included quite a few area-of-effect abilities, allowing for some rudimental crowd control, once I got the hang of it.

The game features a sort of an adrenaline bar, filled as we deal damage to enemies. Once it's full, our attack will stun the enemy, leaving them vulnerable for a few moments. This comes in particularly handy in boss fights, which we can encounter both when performing quests, as well as during normal exploration I had a chance to spar a mythical cyclopes, who didn't pose a serious threat I simply stayed as near his ankles as I could, and he didn't seem able to do anything about it. The key is good timing of dodges, which slow down time when executed perfectly. Using the bow is also a good idea, since it's OP in this game as well. Immortals also uses a system that (fairly quickly) replenishes a single arrow after you empty your quiver.

Although I couldn't poke around with it in the demo since we got a complete build of Fenyx ready to play, the production will also offer a character development system. It will let us unlock new skills, enhance them, and personalize the build to match our play style. In between the fights, we will also collect ingredients such as fruit, mushrooms, and such, and use them to prepare potions to use during fights or when the heroine exhausts her stamina.

Call of Duty: Black Ops  Cold War Multiplayer Hands-on Preview
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Hands-on Preview

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The first impression after testing the multiplayer modes of the upcoming CoD: Black Ops Cold War are positive, but it's hard to resist the feeling that the game won't be able to live up to the huge success of the latest Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War  CoD Making a Step Towards RPG
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War CoD Making a Step Towards RPG

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Call of Duty never changes? What if I told you that the latest part will have several endings, which will depend on our decisions during the game?

I Played Both Valhalla and Legion. This Fall, I'm Betting on Watch Dogs
I Played Both Valhalla and Legion. This Fall, I'm Betting on Watch Dogs

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Before the Ubisoft Forward conference, I had the opportunity to play the latest installments of both high-profile series, which Ubisoft will release later this year. After a few hours with AC and Watch Dogs, I know Legion will be a much more interesting.

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