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author: Przemyslaw Zamecki

5 Good Reasons to Play Horizon Zero Dawn on PC

Sony seems to be teasing users of PC, only a few months before the launch of next-gen inviting them to the club and saying "wish you were here." After three years, Horizon: Zero Dawn releases on Windows PC, and we came to tell you why it's worth the time.

Horizon is The Witcher in the future!

5 Good Reasons to Play Horizon Zero Dawn on PC - picture #1

Sorta. The structure of Horizon: Zero Dawn closely resembles the production of CD Projekt RED.

Both games are powerful takes on the action-role-playing genre. In both, character development is done through developing skills on the skill tree. In both the Witcher and Horizon, we explore a vast world, talk to people, complete quests, acquire and improve equipment. The Witcher is a bit more of an RPG, Horizon veers towards an arcade experience with obligatory sneaking, thus also harking back to Assassin's Creed. However, premises the basic premises of both games are very similar. That's not to say Guerilla Games copied ideas, of course.

The games we mentioned are simply created according to a certain formula. On top of that, there's a bit of an overlap in the development of both. Horizon, unlike the game from Warsaw, was released in nearly flawless condition, as well. I think we all remember that Geralt had quite a rough beginning on consoles.

So if you enjoyed The Witcher 3, you'll surely enjoy Horizon.

Pretty land!

5 Good Reasons to Play Horizon Zero Dawn on PC - picture #2

Horizon really gives PlayStation 4 a run for the money. The game looks incredible, and when you consider it runs on a console from 2013, you might just be astonished. The varied landscapes of post-apocalyptic America are truly breathtaking. The textures are razor-sharp and the animation is fluid, though displayed in only thirty frames per second. Is it worth buying on PC?

Of course! Most people play single player games not to enjoy the plot – I convinced that average writers can produce better stories – but rather to satisfy their aesthetic needs with beautiful graphics, sink in the atmosphere, and participate in a living world. For me, to feel really like a wanderer facing extraordinary challenges is a very important part of the experience. And the challenges presented in Horizon are really impressive, propelling the plot forward. Not original, unfortunately, though written with momentum worthy of a cinematic blockbuster.

Play Horizon and enjoy the views! Just look at the city in the distance. Step into the dense jungle and admire the wild nature. .

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