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Game review 26 September 2019, 16:13

author: Matthias Pawlikowski

Wanderlust Travel Stories Review – A Must-Read Game

Wanderlust is an unusual and bold concept of a game based on the literature of the road. The courage of the artists, who created a game consisting mostly of text, deserves admiration. And recognition, too, because Wanderlust is simply a really good game.

Slow gaming – stay a while and listen

There was a sadness underlying all my thoughts. But whether it was because I was afraid of the future or because I missed the life I’d left behind, I didn’t know.

Wanderlust. Travel Stories

In Wanderlust, we have several stories to choose from – each one introducing a new character, who tells the story of a journey that important for them personally. So I'm Tomek. Last year in a pub in Barcelona I met a fantastic girl. She disappeared, leaving just a note: "Next year, same place, same time." XXX.” I don't even know her name. I'm traveling to Spain by train, hoping she'll be waiting.

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You can watch the progress of your travel on nice maps.

I'm also Martine. I study fashion – a choice, which always seems to surprise people. I came to Thailand to find my own self, and although I spend a lot of time here, I really don't know who I am, nor who I want to become.

I'm Henrietta, a daughter of a famous photographer and traveler. Soon I will embark on a long and dangerous expedition to Antarctica, during which I will have to fight for my life and the lives of my comrades. I love the sea and the ocean.

I am Adilia, an elderly woman, an experienced traveler and a former journalist. I begin my story about Africa with the funeral of a friend in Ghana.

These four heroes will tell you about their adventures and travels. Each of them is unique, tells about various problems of human nature. You will find love, loneliness, alienation, misunderstandings, but also hope and joy. If solo mountain hikes is something you enjoy, you will presently find some familiar emotions here. My favorite stories were these of Tomek, who was trying to find a girl he met in Barcelona, and Henrietta, who, due to unfortunate circumstances, has to replace the captain of the ship she's on, and navigate the treacherous waters around the South Pole.

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Depending on the chosen line, you will get different responses.

But Wanderlust, apart from recounting the adventures of its protagonist, also attempts to take a critical and engaged stance on today's reality. In the end, we visit different worlds, and although everything seems perfect, we quickly discover an underlying reality that's much less pleasant. The joyful surface-reality fabricated to appease the tourists obscures the drama of the native inhabitants. The game may let you realize that oftentimes, the glamorous beauty and touristic splendor come at the cost of the people who simply live in touristically attractive locations. Why did the famous film "The Beach," featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, brought the inhabitants of Ko Phi Phi much more harm than good? Why shouldn't you eat shark fin soup? Should we feel guilty after attending the Full Moon festival on Ko Pha-ngan?

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