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Essays 12 January 2022, 13:14

author: Marek Jura

Small and Indie RPGs Coming in 2022 You're Not Hyped About, But You Should

While there will be no shortage of big RPGs in 2022, there are also at least a dozen lesser-known indie games on the cards. If they don't fail on the technological side of things, they may succeed with their pure radness and originality.

Broken Roads

  1. Producer: Drop Bear Bytes
  2. Release date: 2022

Broken Roads is sort of a new old Fallout, only set in modern Australia, not the United States of the distant future. One of the develoopers is Colin McComb, the co-creator of the first two installments of the Planescape: Tormenta series. So, we can expect black humor, darkness and original ideas for our companions.

All this doesn't mean, however, that Broken Roads is to be merely a copy of hits from years ago. Aesthetically, it's an absolutely independent creation Ė the isometric perspective didn't prevent the creators from preparing a world that was extremely atmospheric and delightful with details. And if we add the soundtrack of a young, but very talented Tim Sunderland, it may turn out that we will soon get an indie game with a great script, graphics and soundtrack.

The system of moral compass also seems interesting, replacing the traditional, binary division into good and evil. Depending on the choices, we may be closer to existentialism, Machiavellianism, utilitarianism or nihilism. If we consistently make similar decisions, the game system will reward us with more advanced perks and unlocking conversations with certain characters.

It's worth the wait because:

  1. Colin McComb is involved in creating the game;
  2. Broken Roads is Fallout Australia, with an incredibly atmospheric visuals;
  3. more realistic system of morality with shades of gray.
  1. Broken Roads in our encyclopedia
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