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Opinions 24 June 2019, 11:31

author: Daniel Stronski

Seven Open-World Games that Switch Needs

Cyberpunk 2077 on Switch will probably forever remain a pipe-dream for Nintendo fans, but the Witcher 3's announcement shows that the small console hides a lot of power. We've prepared a list of seven open-world games we'd love to play on Switch.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Release date: September 1, 2015

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Konami

This series by Hideo Kojima has flirted with Nintendo consoles on numerous occasions over the years, which led to the emergence of the remake of the first Metal Gear Solid on GameCube, and brought the excellent MGS 3: Snake Eater to the 3DS. It really should be a capital offense not to give Ninny users access to The Phantom Pain. However, Konami has long ago cut ties with the father of the franchise, and in recent years manifested a rather complete lack of a sense of the market. The newly released collections of the Contra and Castlevania series indicate that instead of creating new games, the company opted to focus on selling their old titles.

Mobile Snake? We're in! - 2019-06-24
Mobile Snake? We're in!

Kojima's genius and unusual approach would surely benefit from the use of Joy-Cons and the rest of the console's unique features in the dream port of MGS 5 Phantom Pain on the Switch. Additions such as aiming aided by moving the console would make the Switch version a real treat. The main thing, however, is that the side missions, which were rather tedious during regular, continuous play, would be a perfect distraction during a bus ride to work, or a boring lecture at the University (they do exist). The game would only need a Ground Zeroes prologue so that Nintendo players would have access to the entire story.

Why open world games suck at telling a story?
Why open world games suck at telling a story?

A great map, a slew of activities, and unlimited freedom usually come at the price of a forgettable, pretext storyline. Is that always the case? And does it have to be like that?

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