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Movies & Series 23 December 2019, 15:27

author: Martin Strzyzewski

9 Greatest Absurdities of Disney's Star Wars Trilogy

Wait, what I just watched made no sense. Star Wars have closed the third trilogy and it's high time to ask if all that we've seen holds any water.

And where's the fleet of the First Order?


The Rise of Skywalker

This charge makes as much sense as this whole battle. - The 9 Greatest Absurdities of Disney's Star Wars Trilogy - dokument - 2019-12-23
This charge makes as much sense as this whole battle.

The final battle of episode nine is pointless. From beginning to end. First, the Emperor declared his existence to the galaxy himself. Couldn't you lure Rey in a more subtle way, Mr. master of intrigue? I mean, for a guy able to craft a dagger so that it fit the debris of the Death Star (30 years later and only if you stood in the right spot) his announcement to the entire world that he's looking for his daughter is an embarrassing move. I'm dead serious.

Second, his fleet waited until the very last minute to set out because otherwise it couldn't have been attacked. In addition, the writers introduced a new rule to the universe ships are sensitive while they are in the atmosphere because this was convenient.

Third, at least some of the Emperor's ships were manned by the First Order marines. They arrived on their own ships because the interstellar bus connection's been faulty. Why didn't they cover the new fleet at a critical moment? It probably wouldn't be groundless from a tactical perspective. He could have changed the fate of the war, but instead... Right, what did they do with those ships once they arrived?


I beg you, can anyone explain what was the charge of the pseudo-horses aboard the command ship all about? Was it a metaphor? I give up. Help.

Martin Strzyzewski | Gamepressure.com

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