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Game Box for Batman: The Telltale Series (PC)

Batman: The Telltale Series

Another episodic adventure game developed by the experienced American studio Telltale Games, who had produced many highly acclaimed video games based on famous films, books, and comic books, such as Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones.

Adventure | point-and-click | DC Comics | Batman | comics | superheroes | episodic

Batman: The Telltale Series cover

developer: Telltale Games

publisher : Telltale Games

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: common screen

game release date:









Batman: A Telltale Games Series is an episodic adventure game released on PC, PS4 and etc.. The game was developed by the real experts at this genre, Telltale Games, also known for such titles as Tales from Borderlands, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.


This PC, PS4 and etc. title is set in a popular universe invented by DC Comics. Batman: A Telltale Games Series takes you to a grim city of Gotham, whose sole watchman is the superhero known as Batman.

Gotham has never been a safe place, but at the outset of the game’s campaign the situation becomes dramatic. Crime rates climb at alarming rate, and the abundance of rampant supervillains makes it unsafe for the citizens to leave their houses after dark. Throughout several episodes Batman has to put a halt to the sudden outburst of crimes, find the ones responsible, and restore order to the city.


Batman: A Telltale Games Series follows the road set by previous games from the studio. Thus, we get an episodic adventure game focused on presenting a compelling story. There are very few puzzles or action sequences; instead, the game focuses on exploration, conversations, and, most importantly, interactive choices.

Your decisions have a meaningful impact on the way the story unfolds – and not just within one chapter but across the entire season. This creates much space for replayablitity, as you can witness a different version of the story each time you play the game.

System requirements

PC / Windows

Minimum: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 3 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce GTS 450 or better, Windows 7 64-bit

Apple iOS

Android OS

Batman: The Telltale Games Series Game Guide

game guide 01 February 2017

Batman: The Telltale Game Series guide contains a detailed walkthrough of all five episodes of the game and a list of all the dialogues. It also informs about the important decisions and their consequences.

Batman: The Telltale Games Series Season 1 Finale debuts today

News 13 December 2016 13:38

The first season of Batman: The Telltale Games Series concludes today with the release of the fifth episode, called City of Light. Will Batman manage to stop the villainous Children of Arkham?

Batman: The Telltale Games Series episode 3 launching today; watch the new trailer

News 25 October 2016 12:38

The plot of Batman: The Telltale Games Series thickens, as the episode 3 goes live today. Watch the new trailer for the third of five game chapters.

Batman: The Telltale Series patch addresses performance issues

News 04 August 2016 11:45

The game now uses dedicated graphics card by default and lets you choose between “high quality” and “high performance” textures.

Batman: The Telltale Series launches today, featuring only local multiplayer

News 02 August 2016 11:29

The first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series will become playable later today. There is also an important update on the Crowd Play feature.

Batman: The Telltale Games Series details from E3

News 15 June 2016 17:20

A myriad of interesting information on Batman: The Telltale Series was revealed during a presentation at E3 2016 in Los Angeles.

Telltale’s Batman due this summer followed by The Walking Dead - Season Three in fall

News 06 June 2016 10:17

Telltale Games revealed approximate release dates for two of their upcoming games: Batman: A Telltale Series will come out this summer and The Walking Dead – Season Three – this fall.