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Left 4 Dead news and interesting facts

Rumor: Left 4 Dead Will be Back as VR Game

Laty, 10 December 2019, 21:34

Left 4 Dead is an iconic series that has probably taken many hours out of your, and your friends' lives. 10 long years have passed since the release of the last installment, and according to the latest leaks, the next part may soon appear on the horizon in virtual reality.

Alleged Screens From Cancelled Left 4 Dead 3 Leaked

aadamus, 19 April 2019, 12:29

It's been almost 10 years since the release of Left 4 Dead 2. From time to time, minor rumors about the next part of the series by Valve surface on the web. This time, the leak was much bigger. Tyler McViker has published 29 screens on YouTube, all allegedly coming from the new installment.

Turtle Rock publishes another Left 4 Dead campaign

luckie, 07 November 2016, 14:02

Despite being a 8-year-old game, Left 4 Dead received another campaign from its developers at Turtle Rock Studios. Well, it is an incomplete beta, but it's also for free.