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Pokemon Scarlet news and interesting facts

Top 10 Strongest New Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

Matt Buckley, 01 December 2022, 17:18

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is bursting at the seams with strong new Pokemon. This list narrows it down to the top 10 strongest, but the competition is fierce.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - Not as Bad as People Say?

Aleksandra Wolna, 01 December 2022, 16:44

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet achieved amazing sales results and simultaneously disappointed millions of players who are pointing out the game's shortcomings. Is this game actually that bad?

Nintendo Apologizes for Pokémon Game Condition and Promises Fixes

Jacob Blazewicz, 01 December 2022, 13:58

Nintendo has finally addressed the performance issues in Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet. The games will soon receive a new update, and more fixes are on the way.

Nintendo Won't Patch New Pokémon Game Because it Hasn't Heard of Any Problems

Kamil Kleszyk, 27 November 2022, 19:35

It is possible that those complaining about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's lack of polish will continue to face numerous glitches. Apparently, Nintendo is not carrying out any repairs because it... has not received reports of problems with the games.

New Pokemon Games Set Records [UPDATE: Players Fight for Refunds]

Sonia Selerska, 24 November 2022, 13:43

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have broken the series record. Gamers don't care about technical problems and reviewer opinions - they buy the games like there's no tomorrow.

Gamers Skipped Reviews; New Pokemon Games Break Preorder Records

Adrian Werner, 20 November 2022, 12:41

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have broken preorder records for the series. We also learned the sales results for the entire series.

New Pokémon Games Worst in a Long Time; First Reviews

Sonia Selerska, 17 November 2022, 17:26

According to reviewers, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seem to indicate the end of an era in the game industry. Captivating mechanics fail to shine when buried under technical issues.

New Ghost Pokemon Gimmighoul Revealed for Scarlet & Violet

Matt Buckley, 07 November 2022, 17:39

Gimmighoul, a new ghost type Pokemon that has two different forms, was revealed in a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

New Ghost-Type Greavard Revealed for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Matt Buckley, 26 October 2022, 11:43

Just in time for Halloween, the Official Pokemon Company has revealed a brand new Ghost-type Pokemon for Scarlet & Violet, the Ghost Dog Pokemon, Greavard.

New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer Reveals Bellibolt

Matt Buckley, 16 October 2022, 19:44

In a series of “livestreams” hosted by the Electric-type Gym Leader, Iono, her partner Pokemon, the electric frog, Bellibolt, was revealed to be in the new Scarlet & Violet games.

Farigiraf Revealed in New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer

Matt Buckley, 07 October 2022, 12:59

In a new fourteen-minute trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, a plethora of new features were shown alongside a brand new evolution of a classic Pokemon.

New Scarlet & Violet Pokemon Wiglett Revealed in Unique Presentation

Matt Buckley, 29 September 2022, 13:03

The Pokemon Company hosted a unique presentation called the Pokemon Ecological Survey of the new region in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, revealing the new Pokemon: Wiglett.

New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer Covers Story Options

Matt Buckley, 08 September 2022, 20:42

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet showcased the three story paths that players can follow in this new open-world game.

New Pokemon Grafaiai Revealed in Scarlet & Violet Trailer

Matt Buckley, 02 September 2022, 12:54

In a new trailer styled to look like a nature documentary, the Poison Monkey Pokemon, Grafaiai, latest addition to the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet roster, was revealed.

Breaking Down the New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer

Matt Buckley, 22 August 2022, 12:04

A brand new trailer revealed several new mechanics for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as well as a new Pokemon. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

Pokemon Presents: New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer

Matt Buckley, 04 August 2022, 17:03

Pokemon Presents covered a lot of information about current games like Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite, also revealed a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Reveals New Legendary Pokemon

Matt Buckley, 02 June 2022, 16:59

The latest trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet showed off several new Pokemon along with some exciting features and a release date.

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet With Release Date and New Trailer

Jacob Blazewicz, 01 June 2022, 21:34

An open world that enables the players to explore together without boundaries, a release date and a co-op mode - these and more are featured in the new trailer of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

Pokemon Day: Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Announced

Matt Buckley, 01 March 2022, 15:06

During the Pokemon Presents for the game’s 25th Anniversary today, the Pokemon Company had many small updates, and one major announcement: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.