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Game Box for System Shock (PC)

System Shock

System Shock Remastered, System Shock Remake

A remake of the 1994's System Shock. The original game was developed by Looking Glass Studios and is considered a classic of the genre, combining shooter mechanics with RPG elements in a cyberpunk setting.

Action | science fiction | FPS | RPG elements

System Shock cover

developer: Night Dive Studios

publisher : Night Dive Studios

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Game mode: single player

game release date:



System Shock Remake for PC, PS4 and XONE is an improved edition of the classic 1994's System Shock a first person shooter with RPG elements, developed by Looking Glass Studios. The remake was created by Night Dive Studios.


The story in System Shock Remake is set in 2072. The action takes place in the Citadel space station, belonging to the TriOptimum corporation. The player assumes the role of a hacker, who has been entrusted with a task of breaking into the place and stealing valuable data on a new biological weapon type. However, the station is controlled by Shodan artificial intelligence.

As a reward for completing the assignment, the protagonist receives a latest neurological implant. After the serious operation, the protagonist needs to rest in coma for six months. Once awake, the protagonist discovers that as an effect of his actions, Shodan was deprived of ethical restrictions and took control over the entire station, turning the crew in mutants or robots and reprogramming the security systems.


System Shock Remake for PC, PS4 and XONE is a combination of FPS with RPG in terms of the gameplay mechanics. The game is played from the first person perspective. The player explores extensive maps, completes assignments and fights enemies. The game features a real-time combat system, and the outcome of a fight depends more on the skills of the player than on the protagonist's stats. As the player progresses, they gather improvements allowing to develop the skills of the protagonist.

Additionally, the game features an extensive hacking system. This teleports the player to a virtual reality inhabited by guardian programs. The player explores this reality in the first person view.

Technical aspects

System Shock Remake for PC, PS4 and XONE presents the story campaign present in the original game. However, the remake brings updates to many aspects of it, making the gameplay feel up-to-date. The largest changes happened in terms of the visuals, which were created from a scratch. Moreover, both the interface and controls were remodeled in order to resemble modern-day first person shooters.

The game utilizes the Unity engine. Rob Waters, level and character designer for the original game took part in the production of the remake. Thus, it manages to convey the atmosphere of the original game, which was released in 1994.

System requirements

System Shock reboot switched to Unreal Engine 4

News 02 March 2017 12:11

The upcoming System Shock reboot from Nightdive Studios is going to feature Unreal Engine 4 instead of Unity. There is a new video that presents the results of the shift.

System Shock Remake delayed to 2018

News 21 November 2016 14:50

System Shock Remake won't make it out before the end of 2017. The remastered version of the 1994 classic is currently slated for release in Q2 2018.

System Shock remake funded in no time

News 11 July 2016 12:38

15 thousand backers have pledged over $900,000 in 6 days, making System Shock remake even more real than it already was, and transforming the dream of returning to Citadel into reality.

System Shock Remake Kickstarter campaign launched; try out the demo

News 29 June 2016 15:08

A demo of the highly-anticipated System Shock remaster (developed by Nightdive Studios) has just hit Steam, with a Kickstarter campaign teeing off alongside.

System Shock Remake on new screenshots

News 20 June 2016 16:25

New screenshots of System Shock Remake have been put up on the Internet by NightDive Studios, the game's developer.

System Shock Remastered coming to Kickstarter in late June

News 16 May 2016 12:10

System Shock Remastered, a remake of the 1994s System Shock, is coming to Kickstarter in late June this year.

System Shock Remake on the first gameplay video

News 15 March 2016 13:38

The first gameplay video from System Shock Remake was posted online. The video shows some of the redesigned locations from the original game with new additions that fit the original atmosphere.