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News hardware & software 10 February 2020, 14:17

author: Bart Swiatek

Elon Musk Encourages Users to Delete Their Facebook Accounts

In a recent Tweet, billionaire Elon Musk criticized Facebook, calling it lame and calling the users to delete their accounts using the #DeleteFacebook hashtag.

Elon Musk criticizes Facebook. Again. Photo: John Raoux / AP file.


  1. Elon Musk criticized Facebook on Twitter;
  2. the inventor wrote that Mark Zuckerberg's service is "lame" and used the #DeleteFacebook hashtag;
  3. this is not the first time that this billionaire has criticized this social networking site.

The billionaire and inventor Elon Musk - known, among others, for the successes of the Tesla car company and the SpaceX space initiative - publicly criticized Facebook. Responding to Sacha Baron Cohen's (Ali G, Borat) Twitter post, Elon Musk simply said "it's lame", adding the #DeleteFacebook hashtag to his statement.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the inventor has criticised Mark Zuckerberg's service. In March 2018, he announced that he had liquidated facebook profiles of his companies because he doesn't like this social networking site and it "gave him the willies". This had to do with the high-profile Cambridge Analytica scandal - the illegal use of data of more than 50 million users to influence the US elections and the Brexit referendum in the UK.

Elon Musk appears quite often in the media - both because of successes and controversies. No wonder his statements about Facebook are echoing. Wonder if Zuckerberg respons. To be honest, though, even Tesla deserves a few jabs.

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