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Battlefield 4 Revives; 100 People in Server Queue After BF 2042 Announcement

Adrian Werner, 15 June 2021, 16:13

The reveal of Battlefield 2042 caused an explosion in the popularity of Battlefield 4. Many other installments in the series have also seen an increase in interest.

Impressive Gameplay From Battlefield 2042 at E3 2021

Bart Woldanski, 13 June 2021, 19:37

As announced, EA showed off the first gameplay from Battlefield 2042 during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase on the occasion of E3 2021. The video makes you feel the huge scale of the conflict.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Now on PS5 and XSX/S

Milosz Szubert, 11 June 2021, 19:36

An enhanced version of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S is now available. All owners of last-gen versions (which run on current-gen thanks to backward compatibility) can download the free update.

Electronic Arts Servers Hack was Easier Than You Might Think

Christian Pieniazek, 11 June 2021, 19:27

The hackers responsible for breaking into EA's servers have shared information on how the whole process went. From their description it seems that the procedure was not particularly complicated and did not require specialized knowledge, but... cleverness.

Battlefield 2042: Content of EA's 'Love Letter' May Have Leaked as Early as March

Hubert Sledziewski, 11 June 2021, 19:24

A well-known insider has come forward with information claiming that EA's as yet undisclosed third game mode in Battlefield 2042 will be a hub, enabling us to choose different historical eras and equipment.

EA Servers Hacked; Hackers Steal FIFA 21 Source Code

Hubert Sledziewski, 10 June 2021, 20:32

Motherboard reached information about a hacking of EA's servers. Hackers had stolen source codes for FIFA 21 and the Frostbite engine. EA confirmed that the attack.

Battlefield 2042 - EA Plans Beta Testing for Series Veterans

Qskan, 10 June 2021, 13:43

A special beta will enable some players to try out Battlefield 2042 a few months before its release. The lucky players will be selected based on how many hours they have spent on the game's servers.

Battlefield 2042 is Three Games in One; DICE Prepares a „Love Letter” to the Fans

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 June 2021, 13:08

Battlefield 2042 will be no small production, despite the lack of a single-player campaign. The new installment will actually offer three distinct experiences, including a mysterious „love letter” to fans of the series.

Battlefield 2042 Gets Spectacular Trailer

Michael Kulakowski, 09 June 2021, 17:22

A spectacular trailer for the latest installment in the Battlefield series, titled Battlefield 2042, was released today.

Let's Watch Battlefield 6 Reveal

Adrian Werner, 09 June 2021, 15:40

In just a few hours EA will show a trailer for the new Battlefield. We'll finally find out if the game will be titled Battlefield 6 or Battlefield 2042. We're also hoping for a release date.

Battlefield 2042 Launch in October, Screenshots and Details Available

Milosz Szubert, 09 June 2021, 15:17

More information about the new Battlefield game leaked to the web. According to them, it is to be subtitled 2042, focus on the rivalry between the U.S. and Russia and have 7 maps for up to 128 players. Moreover, official screenshots from the game have been found.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Publisher Quietly Removes Denuvo

Szarmancki, 08 June 2021, 20:02

Another publisher resigns from Denuvo support. This time it's about the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set. The most interesting thing, however, is that EA got rid of the software without any announcements.

New Expansion for The Sims 4 to be Announced on Thursday

Adrian Werner, 08 June 2021, 11:00

Maxis revealed that it will be announcing the next expansion for The Sims 4 this Thursday, and many in the fan community have received postcards advertising the event.

Knockout City With 5 Million Players

Agnes Adamus, 06 June 2021, 23:19

Electronic Arts announced that Knockout City, the online action game inspired by the classic knockout has attracted 5 million users.

Respawn is Looking for People to Work on an Unannounced Title

Agnes Adamus, 06 June 2021, 22:24

Respawn Entertainment is looking for people to work on an unannounced title. Ads posted on the company's website suggest that the game may include elements such as progression system, character classes, and boss battles.

Battlefield 6 - EA Teases, Leakers Show Screenshots

Frozen, 05 June 2021, 18:00

While Electronic Arts is playing puzzles with influencers, leakers are releasing new screenshots from the upcoming sixth installment of Battlefield.

FIFA 22 Possibly With Co-op Career Mode

mikos, 04 June 2021, 17:14

FIFA 22 may bring big changes in terms of career mode. The latest reports point to the possibility of co-op gameplay.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Soon Add Option to Select English Voiceover

Jacob Blazewicz, 02 June 2021, 22:10

Polish branch of Electronic Arts has announced another patch for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Along with it, players will be able to enable English voiceover „regardless of the country”.

Mass Effect 3 Dev Sheds Light on Easter Egg Mystery After 10 Years

Michael Kulakowski, 02 June 2021, 20:28

One of the devs working on Mass Effect 3 revealed the secret of a hidden easter egg, which to this day has not been discovered in a normal way by the players. The surprise prepared by the creator can be encountered during a mission on Mars.

Battlefield 6 Showcase Next Week; We Have Official Confirmation

Michael Kulakowski, 01 June 2021, 19:36

The latest installment of the Battlefield series will be presented to the world in the middle of next week. Electronic Arts will present the first trailer, the full title and the expected release date.

Some Need for Speed Games Are Pulled From Digital Stores Today. Forever

Jacob Blazewicz, 31 May 2021, 21:19

Today, Need for Speed Carbon, Need for Speed Undercover, Need for Speed Shift, Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed, and Need for Speed The Run will be pulled from digital distribution. EA also plans to end online support for all of these games after the holidays.

Testing of New Battlefield Could Start in July

Paul Musiolik, 31 May 2021, 13:10

Gameplay tests of Battlefield 6 could launch in July. Such rumors were passed on by one of the better informed Twitter users.

The Sims 4 May Update Introduces New Hair Colors

Agnes Adamus, 28 May 2021, 15:48

Yesterday, another big update came to The Sims 4. It introduces new hair colors and preference system to the game. Bunk beds have also been improved.

Ultimate Team Modes Bring EA $3k Per Minute

Jacob Blazewicz, 28 May 2021, 15:45

Ultimate Team packs continue to bring Electronic Arts huge money. According to the company's financial report, last year alone the revenue from lootboxes in sports series like FIFA amounted to more than one and a half billion dollars.

Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer Leaks; Screenshots Confirmed to be Authentic [UPDATED]

Qskan, 28 May 2021, 10:12

A leaked version of Battlefield 6 trailer has hit the web. The video's authenticity is confirmed by people connected with previous leaks. Despite the low image quality we can see some interesting details.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition's Most Popular Companions Data Revealed

Przemyslaw Dygas, 26 May 2021, 12:43

The presence of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Steam has enabled us to gather some interesting data. We now know who is the most liked crew member, how many players engaged in romances and what was used most often in battle.

Apex Legends Devs Vaguely Explain High Skin Prices

Hubert Sledziewski, 24 May 2021, 14:24

Respawn Entertainment has responded to player criticism over the high prices of cosmetic items in Apex Legends.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Benchmarks on PS4 and Xbox One

Bart Swiatek, 24 May 2021, 12:07

The editors of Digital Foundry have checked how 8th-genconsoles handle the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collection. Some of the test results are quite surprising.

The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator Lets Us Become Just That

Przemyslaw Dygas, 20 May 2021, 19:42

The Sims 4 will soon receive another DLC. The Dream Home Decorator game pack will enable players to start a career as an interior design specialist.

Codemasters to Have a Lot of Freedom Under EA

Jacob Blazewicz, 20 May 2021, 11:01

What does the future look like for Codemasters after its acquisition by Electronic Arts? Apparently well, as CEO Andrew Wilson has ensured that the British developer will enjoy just as much freedom as the team at Respawn Entertainment.

Shadow of Mordor Creator to Lead EA's New Studio and Develop Open-world Games

Hubert Sledziewski, 20 May 2021, 10:50

Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War creator and former Monolith Productions vice president Kevin Stephens has been hired by Electronic Arts to lead a new studio that will develop open-world action games.

New Leaked Screeshots From Battlefield 6 Show a Robot and Exploding Rocket

Milosz Szubert, 18 May 2021, 18:45

More screenshots allegedly from Battlefield 6's trailer have surfaced online, showing off a rocket and a robot resembling the BigDog, created by Boston Dynamics.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets First Patch

Bart Swiatek, 18 May 2021, 10:41

The recently released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has received its first small patch. It fixes a few technical issues and improves graphics in some situations, scenes and areas.

The Sims 4 Summer Roadmap - New Expansions and Updates

Agnes Adamus, 17 May 2021, 22:17

Electronic Arts announced what's coming to The Sims 4 over the summer, including a major new expansion, a game pack, and three free updates.

BioWare Fixed an Old Inconsistency in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Milosz Szubert, 17 May 2021, 18:45

BioWare decided to change the race of one of the minor antagonists, Elanos Haliat, from human to turian in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to fix some story inconsistencies.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changed Tali's Controversial Photo

Ness, 16 May 2021, 15:42

The reveal of Tali'Zorah's face was one of the many controversies surrounding the third installment of Mass Effect. The remaster of the iconic series has decided to rectify the issue.

Lukewarm Reception of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Steam

Ness, 16 May 2021, 15:28

Despite the large number of positive reviews from Steam users, the remaster of the Mass Effect series also received a solid portion of criticism. Fans point out Legendary Edition's localization problems and technical flaws.

Courtyard Oasis Kit Will Add Moroccan Styles to The Sims 4

Przemyslaw Dygas, 14 May 2021, 15:18

The Sims 4 will soon receive another DLC. Courtyard Oasis Kit will bring Moroccan-inspired design elements to the game.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Launches Today

Bart Swiatek, 14 May 2021, 14:40

Today will see the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - a set containing three refreshed versions of RPG games created by BioWare.

Firts Reviews: Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Remasters of Our Dreams

Ness, 13 May 2021, 20:44

First reviews of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the refreshed version of the trilogy starring Commander Shepard, appeared in the web. Critics are delighted and agree that this is one of the best remasters in recent years.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Devs Believe the Ending Will be Well Received

Hubert Sledziewski, 13 May 2021, 17:28

The developers of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, coming out tomorrow, have admitted that while the trilogy's ending will remain the same, players may perceive it differently now than they did in 2012.

Dragon Age 4 in Spring 2022 at the Earliest

Bart Swiatek, 13 May 2021, 16:38

It looks like the RPG Dragon Age 4 will not launch before April 2022 at the earliest. This is indicated by the fact that so far EA rarely talks about the title and the developers working on it.

EA With Record Revenue; Plans to Develop Live-service Games

Angelika Kaldus, 12 May 2021, 20:43

Electronic Arts boasted record revenue in last fiscal year, with as much as $4 billion coming from live-service games (LGS). CEO Andrew Wilson talks about further development of the category.

Battlefield 6 Launch in Q4 2021, PS4 and Xbox One Versions Announced

Bart Swiatek, 12 May 2021, 12:53

Electronic Arts representatives confirmed, during a recent investor call, that the next part of the Battlefield series will hit the market in the fourth quarter of this year. The game will be released on PC, as well as current and last-gen consoles.

EA Play Live 2021 Scheduled for July

Ness, 11 May 2021, 20:18

Electronic Arts revealed the date of its annual EA Play presentation. The announcements of games from the creators of the FIFA series will be presented a bit later than usual.

Battlefield's Twitter Reveals BF6 Trailer Release Date

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 May 2021, 21:19

DICE seems to have finally revealed the announcement date of Battlefield 6. Good chanses are it was mentioned in a short post on the series' official Twitter account.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Draws Inspiration From Mods

Hubert Sledziewski, 10 May 2021, 16:39

BioWare admitted that it used mods as reference and inspiration when designing changes to be implemented in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Rumor: Battlefield 6 Trailer Delayed

Agnes Adamus, 07 May 2021, 21:12

Journalist Jeff Grubb has reported that the Battlefield 6 trailer will be released later than announced. It will probably take place in late May or early June.

Mass Effect: LE Will Take Up a Lot of Space on PS4

Przemyslaw Dygas, 06 May 2021, 19:12

Improved textures and numerous upgrades significantly increased the size of the Mass Effect trilogy. Legendary Edition will take up to three times more disk space than the original.

Create Your Own Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Cover

Bart Swiatek, 06 May 2021, 14:51

A tool provided by the developers on the official website of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition enables us to create our own cover for the set.