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Frontier Developments Latest news and info

Planet Zoo Devs Will Make Formula 1 Games

Paul Wozniak, 10 March 2020, 14:50

Studio Frontier announced today that it has acquired a several-year Formula 1 license to create official video games based on the brand. The first one is expected to appear with the start of the Formula 1 season in 2022.

Long Gameplay From Planet Zoo Focuses on Animal Care

Christian Pieniazek, 03 September 2019, 23:28

Frontier Developments has published a long gameplay from Planet Zoo. This time the devs focus on the challenges waiting for the players in terms of animal care.

Planet Zoo Gamescom Trailer and Beta Test Schedule

Christian Pieniazek, 20 August 2019, 13:42

Frontier Developments has revealed the start date of the closed beta tests of its new strategy game Planet Zoo. Moreover, with gamescom 2019 in mind, the developers have prepared an eye-catching trailer of their work.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 - 45 Years to Complete Record Ride

Barth Faryna, 02 August 2019, 21:36

One of the fans of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 decided to do something that seemed impossible a few months ago. He built a ride that takes more than 45 years to complete.

This December, Elite Dangerous Will Introduce Space Carriers

Adrian Werner, 08 July 2019, 10:20

Frontier Developments has revealed the roadmap for Elite: Dangerous for the remainder of the year. The plans include a new module for beginner players, changes in microtransactions and the addition of space carriers.

First Gameplay From Planet Zoo - True Paradise For Animal Lovers

Konrad Serafinski, 15 June 2019, 12:35

The first gameplay video of Planet Zoo has appeared over the web. The extensive material presents the most important aspects of this production and surprises with its attention to detail. All animal lovers should be satisfied.

Planet Zoo - New Game From Elite Dangerous Devs

Bart Swiatek, 24 April 2019, 16:20

Frontier Developments, the creators of Elite: Dangerous and Jurassic World Evolution, announced Planet Zoo. The game is to be a complex economic strategy that will allow us to manage a zoo and will be distinguished by exceptionally realistic depictions of animals.

Elite Dangerous Pilot Stranded in Void, Players Attempt Rescue

Bart Swiatek, 20 February 2019, 15:01

Three months ago, Deluvian Reyes Cruz got stuck in an uncharted sector due to a bad decision on his record-breaking exploration journey. A group known as Fuel Rats has answered the call.

Jurassic World Evolution sold 2 million copies

Bart Swiatek, 15 January 2019, 17:13

Frontier Development announced that the economic strategy, Jurassic World: Evolution created under the film trademark sold over 2 million copies.

RollerCoaster Tycoon successor Planet Coaster launching on Steam today

luckie, 17 November 2016, 13:52

With Planet Coaster, Frontier Developments have been aiming to bring back the fun gameplay that the early RollerCoaster Tycoon games were loved for. Whether they were successful, we will find out later today, as the game goes live on Steam.

Elite: Dangerous - Horizons goes live today

luckie, 15 December 2015, 11:32

The first portion of Elite: Dangerous - Horizons debuts today. The new version of Frontier Development space sim will introduce lots of game-changing gameplay mechanics, starting with Planetary Landings.

Planetary Landing available now in Elite: Dangerous - Horizons Beta

luckie, 01 December 2015, 13:33

Elite: Dangerous received a Beta version of Horizons DLC pack. Planetary Landings is the first portion of the expansions program, which will be officially released later this month.