The team behind Sales & Marketing, as well as Paid Products, on and consists of creative and ambitious professionals and gamers who ensure the highest quality of services delivered every day, on English and Polish sites alike

Who are we?

GRY-OnLine S.A. is a Polish company, an undisputed leader of the video game industry. The company's activities can be geographically divided into domestic ( - established in 2000) and foreign ( - est. 2005) endeavors.

In 2017, GRY-OnLine S.A. joined the international WEBEDIA group, becoming partners with teams from countries such as France, the USA, or Brazil.

The team behind Sales & Marketing, as well as Paid Products o n and, consists of creative and ambitious professionals and gamers, who ensure the highest quality of services delivered every day, on English and Polish sites alike.

We would like to offer the best advertising services, consulting and all help related to building brand awareness among enthusiasts of gaming and pop culture on Our editorial and business ethics ensure the trust of millions of users in Poland and other countries all over the world.

What do we offer?

We offer varied advertising packages that can be tailored according to available budgets, timeframes, duration of the campaign and its goals (reach, clicks, branding etc.). With such information, we can propose reliable solutions suited both to the client's requirements and the goals of the campaign. Each time, we customize the offer in order to make sure no funding is squandered on ineffective moves, and that our clients get their money's worth.

In addition to display campaigns, we can also offer editorial support - dedicated game guides, front page features and more.

Game guides are the backbone of Gamepressure - high-quality, detailed walkthroughs with videos and interactive maps have been our selling point for years.

With 18 years of experience and an extensive net of contacts involving various artists, we are also able to provide unique ideas for unconventional campaigns, featuring domestic trips and excursions abroad, content creation, gadgets, online and outdoor events, and much more. We are ready to satisfy all your needs connected with reaching gamers in non-standard ways.

Display advertising opportunities

Gamepressure Background

Background is a form of display advertising positioned on the sides of the site, following the user as they scroll down. This clickable space allows to put multiple brand elements and “call-to-actions” that remain in constant view of the user.

Models: CPM, FF

Devices: Desktop (1280px+ screens only)

Gamepressure Oustream

Outstream is a form of video advertising positioned in-text, e.g. in articles, news, editorial content or game guides. It is a perfect placement for promoting your product through a teaser, trailer, or other type of video content.

Model: CPM

Devices: Mobile + Desktop

How to contact us?

Each case is different, so if you're interested in such partnership or have any questions - email to:

We will get back to you with an e-introduction, current opportunities for promotion, technical specifications and an offer dedicated to your product. Whether it's a game, brand, or service - rest assured, we will not leave your call unanswered.

Sales & Marketing Team

Dominik Gajecki

Senior Account Manager

Izabela Budzynska

Account Manager

Anna Ozimkowska

Junior Account Manager