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The file Prisoner 849 v.1.1 is a modification for Doom II: Hell on Earth, a(n) action game. Download for free.

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Prisoner 849 is a mod for Doom II, Doom, Ultimate Doom and Final Doom, created by SoundOfDarkness.


An Unreal weapon mod. Works with Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Final Doom. Should work with Freedoom, Chex Quest and other Doom engine games too but not tested.


Looks like the UAC and their portals also created some wormholes. Suddenly the Vortex Rikers is teleported into the Mars orbit and crashes near the UAC facility. You are the only survivor, Prisoner 849. But you are not free yet. There don't seem to be any humans, except for many mutilated corpses lying around. The whole place is swarming with strange creatures, monsters and zombies. Luckily you found a Dispersion Pistol and an Automag on your way out of the crashed ship. You are determined to find a way out of this mess and finally be free even if you have to go through hell.


Dispersion Pistol - A weak recharging energy weapon. The secondary fire can be charged and if you find enough upgrades you can turn that thing into a slow but quite powerful weapon.

Automag - A high caliber semi-automatic pistol with a decent rate of fire. Ammo is plentiful and since it's not just a pea-shooter you can kill weaker enemies with ease.

Stinger - A weapon that fires sharp crystals. The primary fire mode fires 5 crystals at once. It's not as powerful as a shotgun but can fire in rapid succession. The secondary fire mode shoots one crystal at a time and is full automatic.

Flak Cannon - A quite powerful but slow weapon that fires flak shells. The primary mode turns the shells into dangerous shrapnels. Be careful with this weapon because the shrapnels bounce off walls and can hurt you, but if you're skilled enough you can shoot around corners. The secondary fire mode fires the complete shell which explodes on impact.

8Ball - A small, powerful but very slow rocketlauncher. You can load the barrels with up to 6 rockets. The secondary fire mode is a grenade launcher which can also fire 6 grenades at once.

ASMD - An energy weapon with a nice twist. The primary fire is like a weak railgun. The secondary fire shoots an energy orb that can deflect enemy projectiles or you can shoot the orb with the primary fire to create a small explosion.

Minigun - Not to different from the Doom chaingun and with a decent spread. The secondary mode fires much faster but has also a bigger spread.

Razor Jack - Fires sharp blades that can bounce off walls, so again careful not to hurt yourself. But just like with the flak cannon shrapnels you can shoot around corners.

Bio Rifle - Fires a green, glowing ooze that seems to be poisonous or caustic. The ooze will stick on walls and will create a small explosion after a few seconds. With the secondary fire more ooze can be pumped into the chamber.

Sniper Rifle - An extremely powerful and absolutely precise rifle. It can kill a Baron of Hell with 3 shots but the weapon and ammo is rare. Has a very good zoom.

To run this mod use GZDoom.

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