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New Vegas in Space – The Outer Words Hands-on

The spiritual heir to Fallout: New Vegas - that's what its creators say about their game. The Outer Worlds draws a lot from its predecessor, but the atmosphere is completely different – and it sucks you in like a vortex!

Hitman vs. Real Life Assassinations

Hitman, or Agent 47, is incredibly inventive in fulfilling his contracts. Does history have equally unusual cases of real assassinations? Let's check it out.

GTA 6 Release Date – When is it Coming Out!?

If there's one thing we can be sure of in this sad world, it's that another GTA will be released. It's as sure as the Sun. However, the exact date of the sixth coming is still unclear. In this article, we consider all the possibilities.

Which Game Has the Most Players?

Call of Duty, Minecraft, or Red Dead Redemption 2? The most popular games in the world are much less obvious than it might seem to regular players.

RPGs You Wrongly Skipped

There's plenty of good RPG releases every week. Unfortunately, many of them do not get the popularity they deserve. Today, we are looking into games that some fans of the genre might have missed, and definitely should play.

Kinumi Cati – League of Legends Record Breaker

Recently, in a Dutch city of Deft, a gamer and instagramer known as Kinumi Cati broke not one but two Guiness World Records, namely “Longest videogame marathon on League of Legends”, and “Longest videogame marathon on a MOBA game.”

AoW: Planetfall Review – Bald Move into the Future

The creators of the cult series have moved into the distant future, used their best practices and created a game that we'll be playing for years to come. Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a successful strategy that more than makes up for its shortcomings.

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