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From Software: the dark sorcerers of the game dev

In this article we justify why FromSoftware is the most important studio of the whole last decade and why we still compare the next games to Dark Souls.

The story behind THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic incorporates about two hundred different video game franchises. Among them are Gothic, Kingdome Come, Delta Force, Darksiders, Red Faction and many others. What's the story of one of the most ravenous companies out there?

Before We Leave preview tiny but beautiful

City-builders and RTS's aren't dead. They're well hidden in their niche, safe from the bloodthirsty mainstream. Before We Leave is one of the most interesting choices from this genre in 2020. We've played it and these are our first impressions.

New World Preview Why is Amazon making an MMO?

"So Amazon's doing the games now, huh?" that's how most of my friends reacted to me telling them I've been to Amazon Games studio. It does, and it does it on a grand scale. New World has the ambition to bring together the PC fans of MMOs and action RPG.

Why are escort missions still a thing?

You are the god of destruction. A destroyer of worlds, who decimates armies and makes kings. You're having a great time. But only until the creators decide to make your time in the game... more varied, and make you... a nanny.

I love Wolcen, but it's a difficult love

Wolcen: The Lords of Mayhem, an independent hack'n'slash, scored a dragon entrance that other Diablo competitors - Path of Exile and Grim Dawn - could only dream of. See why this hack'n'slash has caused so much excitement.

14 classic games for free

Nostalgia is a treacherous beast. Sometimes the brilliant titles from our youth turn out miserable parodies of themselves when we play them after years. Fortunately, you can try many of them for free.

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Netflix' The Witcher First Impressions After First Episonde

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I Hate Escort Missions

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