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The most challenging MMO RPGs on the market

MMORPGs are the domain of hardcore players – to achieve something, you not only need to know the ins and outs of the game, but also pack hundreds of hours into it. Here's our list of the most hardcore titles you can play today.

Children of Morta Review: Game of the Year?

When you beat the Children of Morta you will have the feeling that you are not only abandoning the great, dynamic hack'n'slash, but also that you are leaving the family home where you simply felt good and safe.

GreedFall Review - A Decent RPG That Works

GreedFall is not a stiff spiritual successor to Gothic series. It's a well-designed unique role playing game developed with a limited budget and some great ideas borrowed straight from the best titles of this genre.

The retrofuturism of Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED creates a game using a setting created 30 years ago. Does this mean Cyberpunk 2077 will be outdated? Not necessarily, because Mike Pondsmith was right about many things.

Seven ways PS5 will beat PC

With our official guidelines, you, as the law-abiding, exemplary user of a console, will be able to win any argument with the frantic horde of 4K/60FPS fanatics.

Hands-on impressions from Terminator: Resistance

The Poles at Teyon studio face the legend of the 80s – the Terminator. We have known about it for a long time, and today, we can finally talk about the game, which we've had a chance to play already.

FIFA 20 review – good changes, but in wrong places

FIFA 20 once again proves that when it comes to playing with friends, nobody's got anything on the series. Unfortunately, things aren't so great with everything the game offers.

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How Hideo Kojima Brought Hollywood to Video Games?

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The Most Bizarre Action Movie Sequences

Analysis of The Witcher Series Trailer - Another Netflix Hit?

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Metro's Exodus from Steam is Just the Beginning

The best time to be a gamer is NOW

No one really cares about crossplay

Silence is golden, but No Man’s Sky starts the chatter again

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