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All we know about PS5 (update)

In this article, we take a look at the specification of PlayStation 5, talk about ray tracking support, backward compatibility, the potential release date, the price, as well as titles that the new Sony console will launch with.

Gamer psychology: Why we rage, and why it's ok to

Have you ever screamed in front of a monitor, cursed, tossed a pad, smashed a keyboard? Relax. You can still be normal.

AMD or Intel tough choice in 2020

In May this year, Intel introduced the 10th generation Comet Lake-S processors to compete with AMD Ryzen 3000 series, and today, we'll look at the consumer battle in mid-2020.

Details and easter eggs of The Last of Us 2

The world of The Last of Us 2 is filled with details and morsels that are easy to miss even when you're very careful, and which make the presented world much more believable and impressive.

Top upcoming cyberpunk games - Beyond 2077

What's so romantic about dystopias ruled by greedy corporations; about neon colours, societies dependent on technology, and philosophical considerations regarding the nature of the individual? This selection of cyberpunk games may answer this question.

A PC to match XSX and PS5

Since we've learned the specs of PS5 and Xbox Series X, we can estimate what sort of components your PC will need to achieve satisfactory performance in next-gen games.

Games you have probably missed in 2020

Is it really worth to kill time in free-to-play GTA 5 during the period of cancelled game showcases and delayed release of Cyberpunk? Definitely not! Many unique and interesting titles have been already released this year but you may have missed them.

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A PC to Match Xbox Series X and PS5

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The Last of Us 2 Incredible Details and Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

AMD or Intel Tough Choice in 2020

Gamer Psychology: Why We Rage, and Why It's Ok to

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Battlefield 6 or 2143? What New Battlefield Needs

SnowRunner is Death Stranding, Just Less Esoteric

Short and Sweet, or Long and...? Criticism of Lengthy Games

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