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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order new quality from EA

After the great commotion caused by the first, fantastic episode of The Mandalorian, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order storms the gaming world. This is a production that brings new hope for the upcoming games in the famous universe.

Terminator: Resistance Review

The new Terminator is surprisingly satisfactory. And we're not talking about the average film by Tim Miller, but about a fresh game from Krakow's Teyon a developer who became notorious in the gaming industry with the infamous Rambo: The Video Game.

How China decides what we watch and play

Chinese authorities and their policies influence what you see in cinemas and play on consoles. What's the deal with Blizzard and what does it have to do with Hong Kong? What happened in NBA, and what South Park has to say about it?

Path of Exile 2 will challenge Diablo 4

Diablo's biggest rival has taken a collision course and is planning to thwart Blizzard's plans. Path of Exile 2 is basically a brand new game and it looks like there will be a duel between alpha males in the hack'n'slash market.

Microsoft's xCloud hands-on it actually works!

At XO 19, Microsoft's conference in London, I had the opportunity to try xCloud and talk to its creators, Kareem Choudhry and Catherine Gluckstein.

Disco Elysium 2019's most amazing RPG

A depraved cop investigates a degenerate industrial world, where racism is ubiquitous, the specter of communism fuels class struggles, and the good and evil are meaningless constructs. Welcome to Disco Elysium, this year's most ambitious RPG.

Time for next-gen is already ripe

We really need PS5 and the new Xbox. The current generation is a huge collection of great games, but it increasingly falls short in terms of technology. Data indicates that it's high time the new generation of consoles was released.

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