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Netflix Loses Customers in the US; Expansion Slows Down

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by Aquma

In the past quarter Netflix lost 130,000 subscribers in the USA. The number of customers in other markets is also lower than expected - instead of the forecasted 4.7 million, only 2.8 million people were attracted to the platform.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Without Super-fast Charger Included

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by XxX

As Ice universe suggested on his Twitter, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will be able to support ultra-fast charging technology with 45 watts. The problem is, however, that such a charger will not be added to the set, and customers will have to pay extra for it.


Another Botched Fallout 76 Patch; Players Beg for a Test Server

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by Aquma

Released two days ago, the Fallout 76 update 11 broke some key elements of the game - it robbed some players of pieces of armor and intensified the problems with legendary item drops. Some players are begging developers to open a test server, suggesting they can do better at QA.


Beware of Fake Cyberpunk 2077 Merchandise

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by Hank

One of the most promising titles of the upcoming year - Cyberpunk 2077, has already received huge acclaim among players. However, majestic level of hype and popularity may bring unforeseen consequences, like unofficial game collectibles.

Tesla Tank on New Materials From C&C: Red Alert Remastered

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by AlexB

Jim Vessella from Electronic Arts shared further details on Red Alert Remastered and Tiberian Dawn Remastered, the refreshed versions of the cult Command & Conquer RTS series. It presented a new appearance of the Soviet Tesla tank.


Cyberpunk 2077 With Hardcore Mode and no Enemy Level Scaling

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by Froozyy

Another interview with CD Projekt Red brought some news about the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. We learned, among other things, that the game will in no way limit exploration, opponents will not scale to our level, and the hardcore mode will disable the UI.


The Controversial FaceApp is Registered in Russia

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by fixumdyrdum

Wireless Lab, the owner of FaceApp, is registered in Russia, which raises some doubts among its users. The developers have already made an official statement, and in the United States, Senator Chuck Schumer has written a letter to the FBI asking for an investigation into the processing of user data.


Ubisoft Earns More on PC Than on PS4

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by Adrian Werner

Ubisoft has published a report with its financial results. In the last quarter, PC games had the largest share in the publisher's revenues. In addition, The Division 2 is the biggest bestseller of the year.


Warhammer 40K Gets Live Action Series About Inquisitor Eisenhorn

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by Serek

Warhammer 40K will see a live action series called Eisenhorn. The main character of the production will be the eponymous inquisitor. The show does not have a target platform yet, and we will probably wait a few years for its premiere.


EVE Online Devs Prepare 10,000-player Battle in a Guinness Record Attempt

NewsJuly 18, 2019 - by Ender

The developers of EVE Online and Hadean have announced that they will be organizing another huge space battle in the Aether Wars tech demo, in which up to 10 thousand players can participate. If you are interested in taking part in an event that has a chance to break a Guinness record, you can sign up on special website.


Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets Free BR-like Mode Called Mercenaries

NewsJuly 17, 2019 - by Entelarmer

Ubisoft has announced the latest update of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The devs have prepared a new game mode, slightly reminiscent of battle royale game, but with significant differences.


ArmA 3 Players Stormed Area 51; Rest of the World Waits for September 20

NewsJuly 17, 2019 - by fixumdyrdum

Flamethrowers, Elon Musk, Reptilians and millions of memes. While we are sitting (still) safely at home, ArmA 3 players have captured Area 51.


New Nintendo Switch Model With Even Better Battery Than Switch Lite

NewsJuly 17, 2019 - by Ender

Nintendo announced that soon a new version of the standard model of Nintendo Switch will be available for sale, which will have a battery that is more efficient by even several dozen percent. In terms of length of mobile operation, the device bests the Nintendo Switch Lite announced last week.


Kinect Used as Airport Security Camera

NewsJuly 17, 2019 - by Entelarmer

Passengers using the airport in Newark can now rest easy. The staff decided to use additional assistance to monitor the airport. For this purpose. they've installed a... Kinect camera from an Xbox One.


Plot-Focused PUBG Trailer Announces Season 4

NewsJuly 17, 2019 - by Froozyy

We have received a trailer announcing the fourth season in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. In addition, the creators shared information about upcoming changes.


The Witcher 2 - Polish Fan Creates Mod With Textures Improved by AI

NewsJuly 17, 2019 - by Aquma

Polish modder hub997 developed a pack of improved textures for CD Projekt RED's The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The modification uses 2K/4K scaling and artificial intelligence to improve the appearance of characters and monsters.


Elon Musk Wants to Connect Human Brains to Computers

NewsJuly 17, 2019 - by Lazlo

Neuralink, a company owned by Elon Musk, is developing an interface that will allow the human brain to be connected to a computer. According to the billionaire, it is necessary to create „symbiosis with artificial intelligence”. The first prototypes could be implanted next year.

Brawl Stars Guide

Brawl Stars Guide

Game GuideJuly 10, 2019 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

Brawl Stars Guide contains all the most important information about the game: what is this game about, how microtransactions work or how to restore your life. You will also find an extensive list of starting tips that will make your first matches easier.

Cooking Simulator Guide

Cooking Simulator Guide

Game GuideJuly 04, 2019 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

The guide to Cooking Simulator will explain to you the important mechanics and the difficulties waiting for you in the unique cooking simulator, help you get achievements and tell you how to become a master of the kitchen.

Teamfight Tactics Guide

Teamfight Tactics Guide

Game GuideJune 28, 2019 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

Teamfight Tactics Guide is a collection of tips that will help you to quickly grasp the basics of the chess variant of LoL. In our publication, you will find the best combinations of heroes and synergies, and learn how to earn gold effectively.

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