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2018 - The Year of Games Leaving Early Access

EditorialApril 16, 2018 - by Czarny Wilk

Five years ago, the popularity of survival games surged, and different games of the genre have clogged early access programs ever since. Years went by and progress of some of the biggest titles was hardly noticeable, prompting people to believe that some things never change, and others never leave Early Access. But 2018 might finally bring change, proving the skeptics wrong and finally abolishing the eternality of the Early Access.

Cartoon Games Comics
Kratos is ready for some god-slaying

ComicApril 12, 2018 - Comic

He's done with the Greek gods, now what?!

Extinction Game Guide

Game GuideApril 10, 2018 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

Defend your people in battle with Ogres! Our guide and solution will help you to collect all medals and solve all secrets of Extinction. Prepare yourself once again - stand up and fight!

Realism is the jam! Kingdom Come and the Czech school of gamedev

EditorialApril 09, 2018 - by DM

If you think about it for a while, it will become clear as day. The Czech school of video games is a peculiar one. If you’ve never played any games from the European country, you might have been baffled by some of the mechanics featured in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Otherwise, you probably felt that you’ve seen all this: inconvenient saving, long journeys, and difficult combat. In any case, here’s our attempt at defining the Czech school of videogames.

Q.U.B.E. 2 Game Guide

Game GuideApril 05, 2018 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

This comprehensive guide to Q.U.B.E. 2 will help you to discover all secrets, puzzles & riddles in this unique game.

Warframe Game Guide

Game GuideApril 04, 2018 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

Warframe is a cooperative shooter that uses a free micro transaction model. In our guide, you will find detailed content description and solution for the game. Equipped with a variety of weapons and ancient armor, you will face the Grinner Empire.

Yakuza 6 Game Guide

Game GuideApril 04, 2018 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

The game guide to Yakuza 6 contains complete walkthrough and valuable tips about the game content. Our guide features detailed Yakuza 6 maps, solution for all side missions, and meticulous clan wars explanation. We didn't forget about collectibles like safes, stones or cats.

50 Shades of Geralt - if The Witcher was made by different developers

EditorialApril 01, 2018 - by Draug

Did you ever think what would happen if your grandparents never met each other? If your father asked another girl out to prom instead your mother? If you took a left turn instead of going right that one day? If you ate a taco instead of a cheeseburger? Well, we wanted to know what would happen if The Witcher was made by another developer and released under different circumstances. Take a look at the many faces of Geralt… under different management.

Cartoon Games Comics
Electronic Arts releases a new console

ComicMarch 29, 2018 - Comic

Apparently, it's going to be a breakthrough.

The Sims Mobile Game Guide

Game GuideMarch 28, 2018 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

This guide to The Sims Mobile consists of hints and walkthrough which will help you to choose the best way of career for your Sim. You will also learn how to earn some extra cash, which plays an important role in The Sims Mobile' world.

What makes a console successful? Xbox One, exclusivity according to Microsoft and its implications for the players

EditorialMarch 26, 2018 - by Retromaniak

Xbox One didn’t actually deliver. While it wasn’t really a failure, its performance on the market has been poor enough to spur some discussion about what is it actually that makes a console successful? Is it the hardware; the sheer power to generate more realistic graphics? Is it the number of exclusives you can play on the given console? Is it something else still? Today, we’ll try to examine these matters, giving particular attention to Xbox One, and the direction that Microsoft seems to be taking.

Far Cry 5 Game Guide

Game GuideMarch 25, 2018 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

This guide to Far Cry 5 contains tips and tricks that will help you learn the most important elements of the gameplay (like fishing). We've included complete walkthrough as well as tips to hunting, crafting and trophy guide.

The Raven Remastered Game Guide

Game GuideMarch 23, 2018 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

This game guide for Raven Remastered contains all hints & secrets to help you in playing this adventure game. Our walkthrough consists of solutions for all chapters - finish them correctly and finally solve the mystery of the game's black hat.

Cartoon Games Comics
New content for Star Citizen

ComicMarch 16, 2018 - Comic

When Chris Roberts announces new content, what do you expect?

Input lag - the killer of PlayStation 4 remasters

EditorialMarch 14, 2018 - by Czarny Wilk

In times of retro, remasters became extremally popular. Sony also wants to earn as much as possible by releasing new versions of the greatest titles available on PS2 and PSP. The problem is that many of these ports are almost unplayable because of the huge input delays.

Curious Case of Saviour Schnapps: A hardcore saving system that divided gamers

EditorialMarch 09, 2018 - by Czarny Wilk

Much has been said about Kingdom Come: Deliverance since the game’s release. The main subject, however, appears not to be the game’s greatest attributes or its worst shortcomings. The attention of the press and gamers alike focused on the game’s saving system – for some, a bliss that makes this game a lot more interesting; for others, a pointless and pestering obstruction.

Fonts in console games are definitely too small!

EditorialMarch 06, 2018 - by Czarny Wilk

Decades ago, while we were playing games we literally damaged our eyes by glancing at the TV screen from close distance because of a short length of the controllers' cables. Today we have wireless gamepads and much larger screens, and yet we still have to sit at a minimum distance from the TV to play comfortably, as there is a fashion for the use of microscopic fonts among the game developers.

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