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16-year-old Mystery Solved in WoW: Shadowlands
16-year-old Mystery Solved in WoW: Shadowlands

Bart Swiatek, yesterday, 14:39

The Shadowlands expansion answers a question that has plagued many World of Warcraft players for years - it enables us to find Mankirk's missing wife.

New Spectacular Gameplay From Demon's Souls
New Spectacular Gameplay From Demon's Souls

qjin, 29 October 2020, 18:15

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new gameplay of Demon's Souls recorded on PlayStation 5, which impresses with graphics. It presents spectacular boss fights, featuring some that are well known to fans of the original.

Cyberpunk 2077 Team Didn't Know About the Delay
Cyberpunk 2077 Team Didn't Know About the Delay

Jacob Blazewicz, 29 October 2020, 14:14

Further information on the recent delay pf Cyberpunk 2077 appears to be coming to light. As it turns out, most developers only learned about it after the public announcement, which is allegedly due to local legal regulations.

Nilfgaard Sports New Armors
Nilfgaard Sports New Armors

Karol Laska , 29 October 2020, 13:12

We have new photos from the set of the second season of The Witcher. The photos show, among other things, the new amor of Nilfgaard troops, which can be a nice surprise for many fans who didn't like their previous version.

First Reviews: GeForce RTX 3070
First Reviews: GeForce RTX 3070

qjin, 27 October 2020, 19:42

Today, first independent reviews of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition GPU have been released online. Have the announcements suggesting GeForce RTX 2080 Ti-like performance been confirmed? Here's a summary of independed benchmarks.

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List of PS5-incompatible PS4 Games Includes Assassin's Creed

Paul Wozniak, yesterday, 21:43

Today, a list of Ubisoft's PS4 games that will not be compatible with PlayStation 5 has been revealed. Everything seems to indicate that Sony's new console won't be able to run e.g. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

The Fall Guys Devs Abandon Gears POP!

Paul Wozniak, yesterday, 21:29

Mediatonic has officially announced that next year the servers of Gears POP! will be closed and thge game will not be further supported.

The Best Video Game Releases - November 2020

Patrick Manelski, yesterday, 21:25

We know there's but one game that should be in this article, but unfortunately, it's not. There is a fine collection of releases anyway, though, and there's plenty of games to keep us occupied in November.

Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer Shows New Map

Paul Wozniak, yesterday, 21:02

Today, another trailer of the seventh season of Apex Legends has been released online. The video shows, among others, the new map to appear in the game or vehicles presented earlier.

Miles Morales Like in Spider-Verse; New Outfit Revealed

Paul Wozniak, yesterday, 20:49

Today, Sony revealed one of the additional costumes available in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It turned out that the creators decided to add a costume appearing in the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Berse into the game.

How to Become England's New Landlord in AC Valhalla?

qjin, yesterday, 20:36

Ubisoft has released a new video to advertise Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. It's a TV commercial in which Eivor, the main character, answers the question of how to conquer 9th-century England.

Genshin Impact Update 1.1; Coming to PS5 With Extras

Paul Wozniak, yesterday, 20:00

F2P RPG Genshin Impact is being upgraded to version 1.1, which will include more characters, quests and items, as well as changes to reputation system. Novelties will be introduced in less than two weeks.

The Sims 4 Will Get 100 New Skin Tones in December

Carla, yesterday, 17:34

Electronics Arts announces the next update for The Sims 4. In December we will receive more than 100 new skin tones that can be customized. The same option will be available for makeup.

Kicinski Apologizes to CD Projekt Red Employees

Jacob Blazewicz, yesterday, 16:51

Jason Schreier revealed the content of an email sent by Adam Kicinski to the staff of CD Projekt RED. The CEO of the Polish company apologized for the words uttered during the Tuesday conference, de facto underplaying crunch in the company.

Breakdown of the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase

Matt Buckley, yesterday, 16:11

Bravely Default 2 and Immortals Fenyx Rising are available for pre-order, an Age of Calamity demo is out now, and much more from Nintendo’s last Partner Showcase of 2020.

Facebook Loses Users in the U.S., but Still Earns a Ton

Eklerek, yesterday, 15:50

Facebook published a report for the third quarter of 2020. Despite many controversies surrounding the website, advertising revenue rose by 22% compared to the previous year and the number of active users (daily active users) increased by 12%.

Filming of Uncharted Movie Ends After 12 Long Years

Milosz Szubert, yesterday, 15:47

The filming of Uncharted movie, directed by Ruben Fleischer with Tom Holland in the lead role, has been completed. This information was provided on Twitter. The premiere is scheduled for July 16, 2021.

Phasmophobia Patch 3 Adds New Halloween-related Elements

Adrian Werner, yesterday, 15:18

The popular horror game Phasmophobia received patch number 3, improving gameplay, fixing bugs and introducing new elements related to Halloween.

Early Version of Among Us had no Impostor

Jacob Blazewicz, yesterday, 15:12

Innersloth boasted a video, presenting an early version of Among Us. On it, we can see what the game looked like in early 2018.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Launches

Adrian Werner, yesterday, 14:58

The first episode of the second season of The Mandalorian was released on Disney+.

Guilty Gear Devs Apologize for Cyberpunk 2077 Joke

Jacob Blazewicz, yesterday, 14:55

Arc System Works has apologized for its recent Twitter entry. It was a joke about the delay of Cyberpunk 2077, which, according to Guilty Gear devs, was „inappropriate”.

16-year-old Mystery Solved in WoW: Shadowlands

Bart Swiatek, yesterday, 14:39

The Shadowlands expansion answers a question that has plagued many World of Warcraft players for years - it enables us to find Mankirk's missing wife.

PS5 Will Assist Gamers with Disabilities

Bart Swiatek, yesterday, 13:48

PlayStation 5 will feature a range of solutions to make playing easier for users with disabilities.

Call of Duty Cold War Final System Requirements on PC

Adrian Werner, yesterday, 10:46

Activision revealed the final system requirements for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War. A launch trailer for this edition was also released, and the options offered by PC version were discussed.