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Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro - For the gamers - Download

Utility software, For the gamers, called Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro available for download for free.

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last updateSunday, November 26, 2017


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Free download

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is the application used to perform screen shots, as well as the video recording of the desktop Windows. Program after the release of data allows for a quite professional editing of the material, so it's ideal for the preparation of all kinds of guides and presentations. Screen Recorder Pro allows you to record both the entire area of the screen and its children's section. We can save recordings in WMV format, and then convert to other popular formats, including AVI. The application will grab the image with video cams also seamlessly, saves files to external data sources or record media streamowane via any Web browser. This version allows you to get acquainted with the program through fukcjami maksimym recording three minutes of material. Buy the full version of access will abolish any restrictions.

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