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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - COD4 Rooftops 2 v.3122021. - Game mod - Download

The file COD4 Rooftops 2 v.3122021. is a modification for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size3713.1 MB


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last updateSunday, April 17, 2022

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COD4 Rooftops 2 is a mod for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, created by Spi-99.

Description (in author’s own words):

Rooftops 2 is a Fanmade Call of Duty 4 Campaign created by SPi. The story is about a SAS team discovering undercover Russian operations in southern Europe under the command of an evil Russian General who plans to start a new world war and take over the world.

If you haven't played the first Rooftops Campaign it is highly recommended that you do before taking any look on the sequel.

COD4: Rooftops 1:

Call of Duty 4: "Rooftops 2: Red Alert" takes place immediately after it's prequel ends. Out heroes; SPi, Loz, Pan, Alex along with SV, AV and their pilot Michael, return back to their base after the events of Rooftops 1. Then they will have to inform the rest of the Task Force 99 about what happened and prepare to confront the evil General Romanov who is behind the undercover hostile military actions in nearby territories. Romanov is a Soviet Union fanatic who wants to revive its supremacy by starting a new World Conflict. He and his army will be superior by the time he ignites the war so all of Russia will subject to him and his power will rise. Task Force 99 got accidentally involved to his plans and since they know what he is up to they will do anything they can to stop him from achieving his evil plans. However, they must do it alone because if they inform any of the authorities, they will immediately ignite the war which is exactly what Romanov wants. So they have to do it alone.

The campaign will feature multiple levels just like the previous one. Only this time levels will be shorter but in greater number. The first Rooftops Campaign featured 4 levels, two small and two big. Rooftops 2 will feature 8 levels of similar size and length. Around 15 minutes estimated time to complete each level.

Some of these levels were already under development while Rooftops 1 was under developed but I didn't work on them with much attention back then. I was just working on them randomly. It turns out that this speeded the project up.

For installation instructions consult the included readme file.

  • Last update: Sunday, April 17, 2022
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 3713.1 MB
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