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Gothic 3 - Gothic 3: Lively Towns Mod v.0.4.8 - Game mod - Download

The file Gothic 3: Lively Towns Mod v.0.4.8 is a modification for Gothic 3, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size860.6 MB


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last updateFriday, September 30, 2022

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

Gothic 3: Lively Towns Mod is a mod for  Gothic III, created by y-u-k-o. If you will this project useful please consider supporting it through Patreon.


The Gothic 3 mod was created to make cities more "alive" by adding new NPC, quests and items.

Full support of ContentModv3.1, Questpaketv4.2.

Logic-Content-Trophies-Mod, Consequences v2.0.2, Return of General Lee 1.3 and ReBalanceMod are already added to LTM (no need to install separately).


First install the requirements, which are:

1.Community Patch v1.75

2.Supplemental Update Pack

3.Gothic 3 Mod Starter (MDS)

4.Parallel Universe Patch

Extract to any given folder of your liking. I unpacked mine in C:\Games\Gothic 3\MDS. Then set a new G3 path location and find the gothic3.exe;

Unpack the mods that use MDS for installation in the MDS\FanMods folder;

Then you should run Mod-Starter and install Lively Towns Mod.


After mods installation with Mod starter, the game cash must be compiled a new. After the game launch, there should appear a message window, you need to click "OK" and wait several minutes (depending on your computer characteristics) until the game compiles new cash.

WARNING (if you install LTM together with Content Mod):

After Content Mod installation, verify the integrity of any files with .m0X extension inside Gothic3/Data folder.

For example, this is the correct integrity of the files:

_compiledMaterial.m00, _compiledMaterial.m01, _compiledMaterial.m02, _compiledMaterial.m03, _compiledMaterial.m04, _compiledMaterial.m05

If there is a missing file between .m00 and .m05 and you don't have .m00 in your Data folder just rename .m01 to .m00 and the rest files so there is a continuity starting from .m00 extension.

Pay attention to any files with extension m0X there are lots of them in Data folder:











The number of these files will vary between mod setup installations just makes sure there is continuity in file extension names always starting with .m00

Remember you only rename files with extension .m0X if there is no continuity. Don't rename other files extensions with the same name e.g. p00, c00, cpt.

REMEMBER to uncheck the consequences component.

  • Last update: Friday, September 30, 2022
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 860.6 MB
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