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Game Box for Closers (PS4)


A fast-paced online action RPG created in the style of arcade fighting games. A debut project from the Korean Naddic Games. The action takes place in the not too distant future, in which monsters from other dimension invade Korea through inter-dimensional portals.

Action | science fiction | play for free | manga and anime | beat 'em up

Closers cover

developer: N-Log Corporation

publisher: Naddic Games

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

game release date:





Closers Online for PC is a speed action fighting MORPG (Multiplayer Online RPG) that graphically resembles the style of Japanese anime. This is a debut project for Korean Naddic Games set up by developers of Elsword Online.


The action is set in the not too distant future, when the Earth is invaded by dangerous monsters swarming through dimensional portals. At first humanity was helpless, as conventional methods were not sufficient enough to defeat the creatures. However, the advent of dimensional portals gave some people supernatural psychokinetic powers, with which they are able to close the dimensional gates and fight the invaders. In the end, humanity succeeded in defeating the monsters and started to rebuild the damaged cities. The actions starts when dimensional portals start to appear once again and monsters going through them are more numerous and stronger than before. You take control of a group of students from Seoul, who make up a local Closers squad. Their objective is to defeat the invaders.


Mechanically Closers Online for PC resemble arcade fighting games. There are four characters of different classes, who have a big set of standard strikes along with special skills. A teenager called Sesha is a so-called Striker – he wields a long sword, so his specialty is close combat together with skills concerning explosions. Yi Suiel-bi is a girl of a Caster class, her physical weakness and small damage resistance is made up by a huge set of distance supernatural attacks. Seo Yuri is another girl, who makes use of a small katana and a gun. The last character you can choose is an experienced warrior called J. Ze – the only adult in the group. Carrying no weapons, he concentrates on hand-to-hand combats and psychokinetic skills. The game offers a variety of levels intended for PvE that aim at resembling areas around Seoul. They are, however, modified so as to fit the designers’ vision of the future.

Game modes

Closers Online offers PvP modes, such as shadow fights, siege, and a co-op survival.

Technical aspects

The game utilizes cell shading in order to recreate the style of Japanese anime. The developers crafted their own graphic engine called NKX. Interestingly, Closers Online for PC is designed to run in 80 FPS, which provides a highly dynamic action.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

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