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News movies & tv series 09 May 2024, 23:22

50 Dealing with 17 Movie Explained. Is 13 Going on 30 Sequel Real and Will It Be in Cinemas in September 2024?

A sequel to the hit 13 Going on 30 has been announced, and we explain whether 50 Dealing with 17 is really being made.

Source: 13 Going on 30, Gary Winick, Sony Pictures Releasing, 2004

The movie 13 Going on 30 starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo is a hit from years ago that many viewers still remember well and are eager to revisit. It's a simple comedy about a disillusioned 13-year-old who longs to be an adult, and her wish is unexpectedly granted. And now an alleged sequel titled 50 Dealing with 17 has been reported online.

A poster of this movie has appeared on Facebook, along with film’s synopsis, according to which the duo of Garner and Ruffalo are to return to the big screens, accompanied this time by Jenna Ortega. And this time the protagonists of the comedy will have to face not their own dramas, but those of their 17-year-old daughter, who wants nothing to do with them. They, in turn, must learn to deal with her teenage angst in this touching family adventure, due to hit cinemas in September 2024.

Unfortunately, while some were probably happy to hear the news of a sequel to 13 Going on 30, we have bad news for them. Both the poster and any information about 50 Dealing with 17 aren’t real. It is a concept made by the author of the satirical profile YODA BBY ABY, who specializes in announcing fake movies and TV series.

In fact, no one is working on a sequel to 13 Going on 30. The only project related to this title is a musical that is currently being prepared, but that's all. For the time being, no one is even trying to make a sequel to 13 Going on 30, or at least no one is talking about it.

Edyta Jastrzebska

Edyta Jastrzebska

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