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News hardware & software 31 August 2020, 17:38

AMD Quietly Launches Radeon RX 5300 with 3GB VRAM

AMD presented a new GPU - the budget model called RX 5300. What's interesting, the „launch” was extremely unobtrusive. The device simply appeared on the product list on the official website.

This is the reference RX 5300. Source: AMD
  • AMD is quietly introducing the RX 5300 - based on the RX 5500 XT, but cheaper than the GTX 1650 Nvidia.

From now on, we can find a cheap RX 5300 GPU in AMD's offer. The device is supposed to cost less than the RX 5500 XT, thus being the cheapest model in the RX 5000 range. And the launch of the new chip itself took place... Well, in fact it didn't. The new card simply appeared on AMD's website, without a spectacular shows and leaks half year beforehand.

The RX 5300 is based on the aforementioned RX 5500 XT chipset, however, it is slightly less capable. Below is a comparison of the two devices in relation to the Nvidia GTX 1650, which is indicated as a competitor for the RX 5300:

RX 5300

RX 5500 XT

GTX 1650


Navi 14

Navi 14


GPU (Standard/Boost) Clocking

1448 / 1645 Mhz

1717 / 1845 Mhz

1645 / 1665 Mhz


7 nm

7 nm

12 nm

Computing units





4.63 TFlops

5.2 TFlops

3 TFlops

Memory bus

96 bits

128 bits

128 bits


3 GB

4 GB / 8 GB

4 GB

Memory type




Memory bandwidth

168 GB/s

224 GB/s

128 GB/s


100 W

130 W

75 W

The RX 5300 should soon be available on sale. Since it is supposed to be a competitor to the GTX 1650, it can be assumed that it will not cost more than $200. If it is not more expensive, it has a chance to become quite popular because it is slightly more efficient than its counterpart from Nvidia. Or at least that's what the specs show. Tests will show how it will be in reality.

Arkadiusz Strzala

Arkadiusz Strzala

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