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News video games 09 February 2024, 07:50

author: Alexandra Sokol

Baldur's Gate 3 Can be Completed as Cat, Biggest Challenges are Doors

A cat is a favorite companion of many people, even if it can't talk or charm. In battle it can handle no worse than a skilled warrior.

Source: Larian Studios

We've already talked about the undead army of spores and trying to complete Baldur's Gate 3 without interacting with important characters - but now it's time for something new. Have you ever wondered if one of the top games from last year can be completed with a team full of adorable little pets? You might be pleasantly surprised by the answer to this question, as it only requires a little bit of cleverness and patience.

Road to the Meowing's Gate

YouTuber Proxy Gate Tactitian has taken on the task of leading the Cats and Kittens team to victory, coming up with the idea of completing the entire BG3 in the form of a cat.

As PGT noted at the beginning, he was in for a real challenge. The animal form effectively prevents the use of most game mechanics, such as engaging in dialogues with other characters and using spells. Furthermore, the cat is the least powerful form, providing only two health points, two damage points, and the ability to meow.

According to the challenge, the YouTuber wasn't allowed to leave the cat form except for a few specific situations, such as forced dialogues, falling into traps, and using the benefits of the camp. He also gained two stronger forms as his druid gained levels: a panther and a saber-toothed tiger.

Cat on the trail

The protagonist of this charming adventure is the druid named Felix. After swiftly fleeing from the Nautiloid, the character awoke as a cat, embarking on a challenging path of cleverness and box hoarding.

Baldurs Gate 3 Can be Completed as Cat, Biggest Challenges are Doors - picture #1
Source: Larian Studios

The first act was spent jumping on cardboard, experimenting with flammable alcohol, and making unconscious bad decisions - it's hard to be a good pet when you can't save devilish children by talking. Fortunately, Felix didn't have to save the world alone. He was accompanied by the forcibly recruited Shadowheart and a pair of hirelings, of course also in the form of cats.

Troubles in the second act

There's a reason why PGT describes the second act of BG3 as "hell." While the first part of the adventure could be completed using necromantic skills, the adventure in the cursed lands required the use of speedrunners' methods - largely to overcome doors, which turned out to be more difficult than many bosses.

Most of them could be solved by the classic jumping over boxes. Unfortunately, some gates required more planning, including killing Shadowheart - the only story character in the party - and tossing her body to the other side. In our opinion, all of this is better than constantly passing around the magic torch to safely explore the land of shadows.

Here, unfortunately, we have to dash all hopes, because completing BG3 in 100% cat form isn't possible. To access the Baldur' Gate, the youtuber had to briefly return to human form - and he claims that if there was a way to remain a cat, he would have used it. He was ultimately able to complete the final stage of the RPG, and as a reward, he received glitched cutscenes.

Alexandra Sokol

Alexandra Sokol

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