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News video games 11 July 2022, 16:09

author: Agnes Adamus

Barotrauma Gene Splicing - How It Works

Here you will learn how gene splicing works in Barotrauma and what are its results.

When playing a medic in Barotrauma, you will not only heal. You can also modify the DNA of crew members to grant them certain bonuses. Here you will find all the information on gene splicing.

How does the Gene Splicer work?

Gene Splicer is a tool that allows you to inject your crew with genetic material extracted from creatures living on Europa. As a result, they will gain certain bonuses to statistics, but in the process they partially change their appearance.

To create a basic Gene Splicer you need:

  1. plastic
  2. 2 x rubber
  3. 2 x silicon
  4. FPGA circuit

In addition, doctors, can unlock the "Advanced Splicing" perk, which unlocks the Advanced Gene Splicer. This tool allows a crew member to inject two different genetic materials.

For the Gene Splicer to work, you need to insert genetic material into it, and then put it on the field located on the health status panel. The effects of injecting the genetic material will appear quickly. Keep in mind that the effects of genes depend on their purity.

Barotrauma Gene Splicing - How It Works - picture #1

The Gene Splicer can be taken out from the slot to remove the effects given by the foreign DNA. However, keep in mind that this will destroy the DNA, stun the person and cause damage to their internal organs.

How to obtain genetic material

The easiest way to obtain genetic material is to explore alien ruins. There you will find it in an unidentified form. To learn about the effects of particular DNA, use the Research Station.

The second option for acquiring genes is to play as a medic and unlock the "Gene Harvester" talent. With it, when searching any dead monster, you will have a 35% chance of finding genetic material.

List of available genes

The following genes can be obtained during the adventure:

  1. Mudraptor - causes a beak to grow on the head, which can be used to attack enemies (press F by default);
  2. Spineling - causes spikes to grow on the back, which can be used to attack enemies (press F by default);
  3. Husk - gives immunity to Husk infection;
  4. Crawler - increases swimming speed;
  5. Mantis - increases movement speed on land;
  6. Hammerhead - increases damage dealt with melee weapons;
  7. Hammerhead Matriarch - increases wound healing speed;
  8. Moloch - increases resistance to physical damage;
  9. Tiger Thresher - reduces oxygen consumption;
  10. Mollusc - increases vigor;
  11. Skitter - increases movement speed;
  12. Hunter - each damage received gives you a bonus to the damage dealt with melee weapons.

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