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News guides 31 October 2023, 02:48

author: Adam Adamczyk

Best Weapon in Strange Brigade, Our Top 5 List

In this guide you will learn what are the best weapons in Strange Brigade. Read our article to learn more.

Source: Strange Brigade, developer: Rebellion

Strange Brigade is a TPP shooter, in which you traverse locations full of dangers and fight hordes of hostile mythical creatures. In the game you can use a wide arsenal of pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc. In this guide you will learn what are the best weapons in Strange Brigade.

Best Weapons in Strange Brigade

We have selected 5 weapons that, in our opinion, work best in combat. However, it is worth noting that weapons such as the shotgun will be more effective up close, for example, in tight locations, while rifles will perform better in open terrain.

  1. 5th place - Audley A40

The Audley A40 is a machine gun that features high damage output, rapid fire rate and has 30 rounds in the magazine. The only disadvantage of this weapon is the relatively high recoil when shooting, which makes it worth using at close and medium distances.

  1. 4th place - Westminster 1895

This rifle deals very high damage and is characterized by considerable accuracy. It contains only one bullet in the magazine, but reloading is fast enough that you can successfully use it even if there are several opponents nearby.

  1. 3rd place - AB Woolf Slamfire

AB Woolf Slamfire is, in our opinion, the best shotgun in the game. It deals very high damage and is great for short and medium distances. One of its biggest advantages is a very short reload time, so you can fire consecutive shots quickly and thus deal with many enemies nearby.

  1. 2nd place - Audley Burst Rifle

This machine gun deals very high damage, is fast firing and accurate. Its only drawback is the magazine containing only 15 bullets, which, with such a high rate of fire, causes frequent reloads, so it's worth keeping this in mind when there are enemies close to the player.

  1. 1st place - Gehrig-Delgane S1

This rifle deals very high damage, is fast-firing for this type of weapon and contains 6 rounds in the magazine. It is a weapon with good ratio of damage inflicted to other statistics. Moreover, with such accuracy, it can be used at any range.

Weapons rating in Strange Brigade

It should be noted that the above ranking is subjective and you do not have to agree with it. It is worthwhile to personally check the weapons available in the game and assess which suits you best. In Strange Brigade you will find a wide variety of weapons, so it is not impossible that you will find that a different weapon should be in first place.

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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