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News movies & tv series 10 May 2024, 03:12

Bodkin Is on Netflix. Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes Say It's a Light Thriller with Humor That Will Take Viewers to Ireland

A new comedy thriller, titled Bodkin, has debuted on Netflix. Reviews promise quite a TV show.

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New titles are being added to the Netflix library almost daily. Yesterday, i.e. May 9, a new TV series appeared there – Bodkin – which is a comedy thriller set in Ireland. The new TV show will introduce viewers to a group of podcasters who set out to investigate the mysterious disappearance of three strangers in an idyllic Irish town.

Bodkin consists of seven nearly hour-long episodes, which were made available on Netflix on the day of its release. And as it turns out, the TV series is getting pretty good ratings from both reviewers and viewers who have had time to watch the production. On Rotten Tomatoes, Bodkin was positively received by 63% of reviewers and 80% of viewers. Below you will find excerpts from several reviews of the series, both positive and negative.

Bodkin is a show that I felt a reasonable amount of investment in by the end. But the cumulative effect belies the fact that it’s a series that does a bunch of little things well in a low-key way, rather than doing any one thing spectacularly well – Dan Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter.

A darkly comic thriller shot through with whimsy; a show that clearly hopes to capture the vibe and success of Only Murders in the Building and occasionally succeeds – Lucy Mangan from The Guardian.

As with many true-crime podcasts, all these evocative elements together amount to a story that is ultimately unsatisfying – Margaret Lyons from New York Times.

For a show that’s entire shtick is about the power of a good story in true Irish-revival fashion, it fails to tell one that has any real effect – Saskia Kemsley from London Evening Standard.

The series is a tricky balance of tones and ideas that works at some times, but not at others. And its own interest in the mystery... comes and goes. But many of the performers do interesting and appealing work – Alan Sepinwall from Rolling Stone.

It’s clever, funny and properly gripping stuff: a deliciously offbeat concoction of the (intentionally) silly and the sinister that delights in setting up more shamrock-laden clichés than you can shake a shillelagh at and then gleefully shredding them – Pat Stacey from Irish Independent.

So, as you can see, in Bodkin we are dealing with a thriller with black humor, which, unfortunately, isn’t without flaws, as some reviewers point out. However, the reception is mostly positive, so it seems worth paying attention to this title if you are interested in such themes. The TV series isn’t particularly long, so watching it in its entirety shouldn’t be difficult.

Perhaps the trailer for the Bodkin TV series, which you can watch below, will help you decide.

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