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News hardware & software 31 August 2021, 13:02

author: Martin Nothing

Brand New Ryzen 5 for $9 From a Gacha Vending Machine? Only in Japan

The popularity of vending machines in Japan transcends western imagination. So it's no surprise that the local market also offers machines, where you can draw the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 processors.

With the help of the aforementioned vending machine for the equivalent of $9 you can easily get yourself some of the most powerful CPUs on the market. Of course, as befits a gacha vending machine, it comes with a somewhat nasty catch. After the purchase, the buyer receives an original box from AMD's CPU, where in addition to a factory cooling unit we will find a CPU. However, this is not necessarily a Ryzen - the buyer may even find such "gems" as AMD Phenom or Intel Celeron, whose glory years have long passed.

However, this is not a fraud, because on the boxes there is a special form, which must be fillied out and returned to the store staff. Only then will we get a chance to win the latest processor from the AMD Ryzen 5000 family, which according to information provided by Wccftech is 1 in 30.

One look and it's obvious - Japan

The popularity of AMD Ryzen processors in Japan is really big. This can be seen especially in DIY constructions, more than 60% of which are equipped with company's CPUs. The huge interest in chips from AMD is also evidenced by the fact that on the occasion of the release of the Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, the fans lined up in front of electronics stores for a few days before the start of sales. With each week AMD is gaining more and more in the CPU market, as evidenced, among other things, by sales results from the German store Mindfactory. But will it be enough to stop Intel, which will soon reveal new processors from the Intel Alder Lake series?

Martin Nothing

Martin Nothing

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