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News video games 10 December 2023, 11:56

author: Adrian Werner

Command & Conquer Fans Will Gave to Wait Longer for Tempest Rising

We will have to wait longer than expected for Tempest Rising, the spiritual heir to the Command & Conquer series.

Source: 3D Realms

We have bad news for players interested in Tempest Rising, an RTS game modeled on the Command & Conquer series. It turns out that we will have to wait a lot more for the game.

  1. Originally, the release was to take place this year, but the developers informed that this will not be possible and the game will be released only in 2024.
  2. However, the devs have a good reason for delaying the debut. The demo, which was made available on Steam some time ago, turned out to be quite popular, and thanks to it the developers got vast amounts of valuable feedback from the players. Based on them, they want to make a lot of changes that will make the game better, and that simply takes time.
  3. The developers also announced that they have plans for more tests and videos introducing various aspects of the project, including the units available in the game.

Recall that Tempest Rising is heading exclusively for PC. The aforementioned demo is available on Steam all the time, so you can check for yourself what direction this project is heading.

Tempest Rising is modeled on Command & Conquer, both in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. That's why fans of the series rejoiced when, in October it was announced that among the composers will be Frank Klepacki, the creator of music for many classic games by Westwood.

  1. Tempest Rising on Steam

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Tempest Rising

Tempest Rising