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News video games 09 February 2024, 06:37

author: Milosz Szubert

Counter Strike's Iconic Mirage Map Creator Having Second Thoughts About Selling It to Valve

Michael Hull, creator of the iconic Mirage map for Counter Strike, recently confessed on X that he regrets the decisions of selling his work to Valve. Why is that?

Source: Valve

Counter Strike originated as an unofficial modification for Half-Life, and fans have been populating its different editions with content for a long time, as is widely known. Michael Hull, a Swede, used to be a passionate multiplayer gamer and is now the main level designer at Machine Games studio, known for games like Wolfenstein: New Order.

It was him who created the Moroccan Mirage. Although the map was created relatively late (in September 2010, and officially added to CS:GO in June 2013), it rapidly became one of the most popular and iconic maps in the entire game. Despite this, Hull himself has some second thoughts about whether he did the right thing by selling his map to Valve.

Did Valve ruin Mirage?

Why? The Swede's post on the X indicates that he isn't completely satisfied with the changes made to his creation over the years by the team responsible for, among other things, the Half-Life series. He mentioned some things on bombsite A and in the central part of the map that change the overall competitive experience on the board. Unfortunately, he hasn't yet specified which specific elements he is referring to, despite being asked to expand on his thoughts.

Hull also revealed that he didn't expect that Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Counter Strike 2, released last year, would turn out to be "so big" and that Valve did a very good deal. As a result, some online users, including those on Reddit, simply interpret the entire statement as regret that the Swede didn't negotiate better terms for transferring his work and didn't earn more, although Hull strongly denied this in one of his tweets and emphasized that it was only about changes.

Some people also claim that the designer owes his current position to this agreement, so his tone is slightly too melodramatic. However, there're also voices of support, thanking Hull for creating one of the best maps in Counter Strike.

Whose side are you on?

Of course, everyone can decide for themselves which side they stand on. Do you agree with the Swedish designer that the experience of playing on Mirage in Counter Strike 1.6 was indeed much better, or did the changes implemented by Valve prove to be beneficial for this map? As many players, as many opinions we will probably get. However, this won't change the fact that Hull's creation will remain at the forefront of the most popular maps in the iconic CS.

Milosz Szubert

Milosz Szubert

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