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News guides 03 April 2024, 06:39

author: Agnes Adamus

Deadly Mage Build in Legend of Mushroom

Do you play as a mage in Legend of Mushroom? From this guide you will learn the best build for this class.

Source: Legend of Mushroom, developer: Joy Nice Games

Legend of Mushroom is a mobile production that draws inspiration from gacha games, in which we take on the role of the titular mushroom. Our task is to evolve the character. LoM offers a number of different classes - including the mage. From this guide you will learn How to create build for this character.

Leveling in Legend of Mushroom

In Legend of Mushroom you collect XP, which will allow you to advance to higher levels. When you reach levels 15, 30, 50, 70 and 100 you can choose your next character class. You unlock the mage at level 30, playing as an Adventurer.

At the next levels you can choose the following classes:

  1. Level 50: Healer or Spellcaster,
  2. Level 70: Chronomancer or Storm Priest,
  3. Level 100: Holy Guide or Bishop.

Both paths of the mage focus on different elements, but they are equally strong (although in different aspects). So, you can choose what suits you better. The Healer's tree is focused on support. Spellcaster, on the other hand, is more offensive and offers area attacks.

Best perks for Mage in Legend of Mushroom

The Mage is a class that specializes in ranged attacks. When you are starting as this character, you need to remember to balance your healing abilities with those that deal damage to the enemy. Initially, the Mushroom has two passive skills:

  1. Skill Crit +15%
  2. ATK +12

As you level up to new classes, you will unlock more passive skills that are specific to each of them. You should choose active skills or pals that strengthen them.

The game offers a number of different perks, but couple of them are particularly useful.

  1. Nature’s Renewal which deals great damage to the target and incidentally restores 30% of your HP opponents (you can extend an effect of this skill by using Energy Statue Relic).
  2. Shroom Shield that deals damage to the opponent and at the same time gives a shield equal to 30% of the maximal HP.
  3. Meteor Fall with huge AoE damage.
  4. Wild Gust that deals AoE damage and increasing ATK for 5 seconds.
  5. Smoke Bomb, which is another AoE ability, that can hurt and increase damage received by opponents (you can extend effect of this skill by using Time Statue Relic).

Probably you can see a pattern already. Focus on abilities that deal area damage. This will give you crowd control.

Best pals for Mage in Legend of Mushroom

In the game you can have your own pals. They give you bonuses to stats. In the case of the mage, it is best to choose:

  1. Creatures that increase damage. This may be, for example, Piercer Beast or Cat Prince.
  2. Companions that increase your HP or add shields, such as the Hydro Sprite and Kongfu Master.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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