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News movies & tv series 21 November 2020, 18:05

author: Adrian Werner

Deadpool 3 Finds Scriptwriters and Retains R Rating

Marvel has decided who will write the screenplay for Deadpool 3. In addition, the movie is reported to have been rated R, like the previous two parts.

  • The Molyneux sisters will write the script for Deadpool 3;
  • The movie will be rated R;
  • Ryan Reynolds will return in the lead role.

Finally, there's been a movement with Deadpool 3. As reported by Deadline, Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin have been hired to write the script, the writers being known for the comedy animated series Bob's Burgers'. Ryan Reynolds, known from the previous two movies, will return in the main role.

The actor was to spend the last month meeting with potential screenwriters. He finally decided that the Moleyneux sisters would be best option, and Marvel Studios agreed with his assessment. The project is at such an early stage that a lot of time will pass before we see it in cinemas, but the important thing is that the first steps on the way to Deadpool 3 have been made.

The future of the series was uncertain as the two previous parts were developed by 21st Century Fox. It was taken over by Disney and thus the rights to screen most of Marvela's IP were united under one roof. The new owner has no plans to continue the X-Men movie series in its current form, but movies with Deadpool are very loosely related to the rest of the canon and are very popular, so fans expected the third part to be just a matter of time and these assumptions turned out to be accurate.

Interestingly, according to Deadline, Deadpool 3 will retain the R rating. The previous two movies had it as well, but productions for adults only are not something that is associated with the Disney label. There was speculation that the third part of the series may be bowdlerized. Reports that this will not happen, however, should make the fans happy.

It is not known whether David Leitch, known from the second movie, will return to the director's stool, as he will be busy with other projects until the end of next year. The studio is not ready to give it up for the time being as it wasn't decided when Deadpool 3's production would start, but Leitch wasn't supposed to take part in the process of selecting the Molyneux sisters as scriptwriters, which, according to Deadline, means that the film will probably have to find another director.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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