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News guides 05 February 2024, 10:19

author: Damian Gacek

Dungeonborne - Classes Guide

If you want to learn more about classes in Dungeonborne, you should read our guide. We will tell you everything which is useful to know.

Source: Dungeonborne, developer: Mithril Interactive

Dungeonborne is an upcoming PvPvE dungeon crawler. The title is in the test phase, but it already attracts thousands of players. The game is similar in its basics to Dark and Darker, so, obviously, you will have to pick one of a few classes. Let’s learn more about them.

Passive skills in Dungeonborne

Remember that the game is in the phase of tests, and the text is based on the demo version. The mechanics can change in the future.

Each class has passive skills. They are powerful modifications which are unlocked when you get enough points in a given stat. One of the more useful ones is Cleric’s power to revive companions. So, think carefully, when you create your build.

Fighter in Dungeonborne

As you may suspect, Fighter is a tank. It is a melee class, which can use most of the weapons (except staffs) and heavy armor. To balance it out, this character is pretty slow.

  1. This warrior can Rush to move a small distance quickly. It is not a sprint, more like a dodge. Useful to close distance with someone but not to pursue.
  2. If you have a two-handed weapon, you may want to use a Whirlwind. It will damage opponents around you.

Priest in Dungeonborne

Priests are typical support class. They can use maces and shields or staffs. They are not good damage dealers but, at the same time, they are the only class which can buff other people. So, they are quite useful in teams.

  1. As it was stated in the Passive skill section, Priests can heal and revive teammates thanks to their Devine Guidance power.
  2. Devine protection will cast a shield around you and boosts your movement speed.

Rogue in Dungeonborne

As in many games, Rogues are glass cannons. They use their speed and invisibility for surprise attacks, especially dangerous if they manage to trigger a backstab. However, they use leather armor and have a low number of basic HP points.

  1. The Rogue can use Petrifying poison, which can stun an enemy. The opponent will free itself when attacked, however, they will not get any damage.
  2. Of course, they can also Vanish. It will trigger stealth for 15 seconds during which you can move and heal, but not attack. If you hit someone, the skill will stop, but the attack will be critical.

Swordmaster in Dungeonborne

Swordmaster is a light-armored class, which uses shields and swords (but can use more weapons if needed). This character is unique for psionic abilities. However, to use them you must have weapons on you. They don’t appear magically. What is more, they are consumed upon using a skill.

  1. Psionic blades summon swords (from your equipment), which can be thrown at the enemy. Thanks to this ability you are able to heal yourself a little bit.
  2. If you use Whirling blade, you will summon a sword which will briefly circle around your character.

Pyromancer in Dungeonborne

If you like fire, Pyromancer will be ideal for you. This class can deal AOE damage, which is quite useful if you are outnumbered. You can charge your attacks as well. While they deal a lot of damage, you have to be prepared that mages are squishier and slower than most of the other classes.

  1. Your basic skill is Pyroblast which works as a fireball.
  2. If you want to attack more opponents, use Fire Blast. It will deal AOE and knockback enemies.

Death Knight in Dungeonborne

Similarly to Fighter, Death Knight is a tank class. It wears plate armor and uses swords. This character is more difficult to heal though, as it can’t be supported by a Cleric. It also uses soul energy as mana to activate abilities, but this resource regenerates upon kill.

  1. If you want to deal damage around you, use Soul Shroud. This ability will last until you turn it off, or your soul energy will not be depleted.
  2. You can also grab an enemy (deals a small amount of damage) or ally and pull them towards you. This skill is called Grasp of the grave.

Cryomancer in Dungeonborne

Cryomancers, in opposite of Pyromancers, sacrifice high damage for survivability. While they still do not use a wide range of weapons or amour, their skills allow them to be good at crowd control and heal themselves. As in the case of Death Knight, they can’t be boosted by Priests and need soul energy.

  1. Ice Strorm can slow down enemies, if charged fully, it can cast a blizzard which freezes opponents and deals them damage.
  2. Cryomancers hide in ice and heal over time. This Ice barrier makes them invulnerable, too.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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